Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Visits!

Christmas time is upon us which means a trip to the mall to see Santa Claus! We went on Sunday and the line was RIDICULOUS!! There were about 100 people in line (ok, that may be an exaggeration, but there were a lot!) We stood in line for 10 minutes and didn't move so we decided we would come back on Tuesday during the day.

We decided to take him to the carousal in the mall. Brian & I knew this would be a hit because Jaxon LOVES LOVES LOVES horses! He gets sooo excited when he sees a horse, whether it's on TV, in a book, or a toy. He points to it and says, "Hause, hause. Naa Naa!" Sometimes he even shakes his arms with excitement. Off to the carousal we went. We were not let down. The moment he saw the horses he went nuts. Brian (the little weasel!) said, "You take him. I'll take pictures as you go around." As we are going around Jaxon is waving and shouting bye to anyone and everyone. Meanwhile, I am getting dizzier and dizzier with each turn of the carousal. When we get off I say to Brian, "I am so dizzy. Who knew a merry-g0-round went to fast and would be so long?" He says to me, "I did. That's why I sent you!" Boy, he's a slick one that Brian Pearson! :) Anywho, Jax had a blast on the merry-g0-round. Then it was time to leave and boy that's when the you-kn0w-what hit the fan! He cried and cried and cried. Poor little guy. He was so sad to leave his "hause".
Before the ride started

Bye bye

I don't want to go!

These were genuine tears he had. So sad!

Later that evening we put up the Christmas tree, or as Jaxon calls it the "wee".

He was quite the helper. He inspected each and every ornament and told us what they were:

Baas: ball ornaments
Bear: bears
Man: snowman
Nanta: Santa
Baby: Picture of Jaxon
Dog: Picture of Lucy
Mama, Mommy: Picture of Brian & me

Helping Daddy take the wee out of the box

Learning how to screw the wee to the stand.

Jaxon putting ornaments on the wee, but he fell off the plastic shoe box he was sitting on!

Jaxon & Daddy

When we woke up on Tuesday morning we discovered that Santa came a few weeks early!! He left Jaxon his very own rocking horse. I guess Santa saw how upset he was when he left the carousal that he thought he would drop off this gift early instead of taking it to Tucson in a few weeks.

Since Santa was so kind to bring the rocking horse early, we only thought it appropriate to thank him in person.

Tuesday morning is a MUCH better time to visit with Santa, there were no lines! Yippee! Now, if only the visit went as well. Jaxon was perfectly fine when I was holding him and we were waiting to see him. He looked at Santa and said, "Hi Nanta!" Super I thought. Jaxon isn't going to be like all the other kids who are scared of Santa. Uh, yeah. WRONG! The moment I sit Jaxon on Santa's lap he started to cry! Oh well. We got a semi-good picture and he got a candy cane from it.

This is the picture we bought

Get me outta here!


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