Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Olympic Swimmer Perhaps?

Oh Reesey Reesey. This little girl could not be more different than her big brother. Jaxon was terrified of the water until last month. He would not get off of the steps in our pool if his life depended on it. He wouldn't wear floaties, he wouldn't jump into the pool, nothing.

Reese. Completely, 100% different.

We enrolled her in swim lessons this month to try to avoid the fear of the water. We want her to be comfortable and like to swim. We expected tears and screaming.

What did we get? Smiles and squeals all around!

Waiting for her turn in the pool
BTW, don't you just love her swim suit? 

Our water baby

Blowing bubbles

Getting ready to go under!

Yes. Under. Reesey went under the water and was hardly phased by it! She came up a little out of breath & shocked, but smiling. That  NEVER would have happened with Jaxon. He was a Swimming School Drop-Out. 

We had to take advantage of her loving the water. In the baby float she went. I swear, she's just like her dad. She has mastered the art of chillin' in the pool. All she needs is a frosty beverage.

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Ami said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Reesey!! That's so great that she loves the water! And I totally agree! Someone get that girl a beverage!! (And the suit is to die for. ) I love it!