Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Months

This little girl is 7 months! And more adorable than ever! 

Weight : 15 lbs. (per the scale at the zoo that compares your weight to an elephant's)

Sleep : This one's been tricky lately. She kinda doesn't know know it's summer and sleeps from 6:00 pm - 5:00 am. Yeah. Not too happy about that. Plus she cries whenever she realizes she has dropped her pacifier. Ugh.
She is an awesome napper though! Anywhere from 3 to 4, 2 1/2 hour naps a day. I really shouldn't complain. 

Enjoying some sun & fresh air at the splash park with all our friends
Eat : 8oz of Nutramagin every 3 hours. PLUS baby food twice a day! She now inhales a small container! We've only introduced vegetables, no fruit yet... next week.

Temperment : Happy, calm baby, but don't mess with her nap or food! Then she gets nasty!

Likes : The water. 
Her favorite person in the whole wide world is Jaxon. She lights ups instantly when she sees him. She is also fascinated by Lucy, our dog.

Clothes Size : 3-6 months. Thanks to her good friend Brinley, Reese has a ton of cute onesies and dresses.

This is the sweetest headband ever! 
Language : She 'oooo's and 'aaaaa's. She loves to tell you her life story and to tell Jaxon to shape up! I believe that is exactly what she's telling him in the picture above, "Jaxon, stop being a brat and smile for the picture!" Yup. Pretty sure those exact words came out of her mouth :) 

Physical : Well, she can bear weight on her legs!! Yahoo! Her home nurse came last month and Reesey got a big fat F on that one. But, we've been practicing and by golly she can stand on those little hamhocks! 

She is also super close to sitting up on her own. She tries so hard and smiles when she falls, bless her heart. 

She's a super quick grabber. If you aren't careful, she'll swipe whatever is within reach and slobber all over it. 

 I took her monthly picture with the calendar behind her and my intention was to post 1, maybe 2. But when I downloaded them, I couldn't pick just 1. She looks good enough to eat in all of them! So I will share the wealth, I'm pretty giving ya know! 

I mean really? Is not just snackable??
Not sure what I heart more, the smile or her cheeks?

I'm so in love.

All right, I'm really just in love with her bow! LOVE Snazzy Dazzy Tots

On a random note... 
Reese started Kindermusic last week. She loves it. Of course. Singing and dancing is her thing! 

I promised Jaxon that if he were good during the class, meaning he let Reesey have 'her' time, I'd take him to the playground next door.

Like any good big brother, he asked to put & push Reese in the swing. She'd never been in a swing before, but like the water & music, she took to it no problem!

I should have video'd them. They were giggling up a storm!

Just like her Mama, Reesey loves to go to Target with a Starbucks in hand. Good girl. She sees the cup, reaches for it and tries her damnedest to put it in her mouth! 

Since I've been home from NY, Reese has had an awful cough. Poor baby is miserable. Wheezing, coughing, crying, runny nose, the whole 9. But the other morning she woke up happy happy and eager to practice sitting up.

Notice her read eyebrows and nose? 

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Nicole said...

She is so freakin cute! I love it! And I love her cheeks. Btw... good job changing your little profile- when I saw it the other day- it still NM and I was gonna say something;)