Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming School Drop Out. No Graduation Day for You!

(You must sing the title to the tune of the Grease song, Beauty School Drop Out.)

Yup, we have a swim school drop out on our hands. We started swim lessons on Monday and it was going really well!
Getting ready to go swimming!

On Monday, he was so happy to be in the water! He just wanted to go without Mama! I'm not kidding, he kept trying to pushing me away! The kid had no fear. Our goal for the day was to get him used to the water around his face, to blow bubbles and kick his feet while on his belly. He had no problem. Well, the bubble blowing was tricky since he just put his tongue in the water!
That's me on the right, Jaxon on the left with the instructor! Yeah right! It's the instructor on the right, don't you hate her??

On Tuesday, he all but ran into the pool! He was laughing and waving at everyone. He "swam" on his back & kicked his feet. He was loving himself some swim lessons. his favorite part was watching the big kids swim. He thought the splashing they did was hilarious and would splash with them!

Mama & Jaxon swimming
Wednesday was a different story. He cried and cried! We left after 5 minutes, he was having no part of being in the water and I didn't want to make people suffer.
"I'm outta here!"

Thursday, he walked into the pool a little slowly and was doing so-so. Once he got in past his waist the whining began! I tried and tried to make him happy, but was unsuccessful. He gave everyone the "stink eye". He would stop whining for a few minutes and then out of no where start again. He would not loosen the grip from my neck if his life depended on it. We suffered through the 35 minutes of the lesson in the hopes he would be turn it around.

After the last two miserable attempts, Brian & I decided to skip next week. The "lessons" aren't exactly teacher directed. She tells us what we should work on that day and they she just cruises around. Brian & I figure we can do the same thing at the club pool. That's the funny thing, we take him up to the pool every afternoon and he is super happy! He loves it when we dunk him in the water, he loves to jump off the edge into our arms, he plays with the other kids. So, the kid is obviously not afraid of the water. I am just not sure what it is about the swim lessons (maybe it's the fact that the water is cold and the lessons are during nap time). O well, there's always next year.


Adam and Samantha said...

Poor kid! I'm sure he'll make it next year! Maybe it was the cold water, I HATE cold water. At least you tried swim lessons, we haven't even attempted that with Ethan, maybe next year...

kershner3 said...

Kara loves the water, too, but not if it's cold! I love your hot mama!