Sunday, April 17, 2011

The. Cutest. Couple. EVER!

Seriously, this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Today we went to Nicole's son, Brody, 2nd birthday party. The kids were having a great time playing while the adults socialized and kept an eye on the kiddos. At one point we are doing the head count and realize that Jaxon and Hunter (Ami's daughter, who we have an arranged marriage with) are in the playhouse. Together. Alone. Then we see Jaxon get up and close the windows. I kid you not! Funniest thing! We better keep a close eye on these two as they grow up.

Jaxon closing window #1 & #2

There goes window #3

Notice how Hunter is pointing to the window. As if to say, "Don't miss this side too."

Seriously?!? How cute are they? Melts my heart! Our first grandchild is pretty adorable too.

Who knows what Jax is telling Hunter, but she sure looks enchanted by her beau.

She may be rethinking her feelings! "Uhhh, Mom. This kid is nuts. Get me outta here!"

The birthday family.

Delaney, Eric, Brody, Nicole & Daylen


Nicole said...

THat is adorable! I am so happy you guys came. Btw... why do you think I ALWAYS have my mouth open in pictures???

Ami said...

I'm SO glad you had your camera for this!! It's almost cuter in pics even than it was in person!! I love it!