Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ta Daaa!

Here it is... our new house! We are finally done unpacking and putting up pictures! It took us less than 2 weeks, so excited about that! Actually, we still have 2 rooms that are either empty or a complete mess, but we have no furniture for them so they don't count! Now, Brian can work on the front and back yard. They need a little TLC and Brian has been dying to get his hands dirty.

With no further ado...

The formal living and dining room

The front door from the living room. Jaxon's room is to the right.

Jaxon's room

Our room, to the right of Jaxon's room

Our bathroom. LOVE!

Hallway from family room looking towards our room

Family Room

Kitchen & breakfast nook

My favorite part... the view from the sink.

Quails come visit us and walk along the fence. So cute!

Hallway to the bedrooms... guest room, laundry room, office and workout? room.

This is the portion of the house that is not done, therefore I don't visit often.

Jack and Jill bathroom. View into the office from the potential workout room

Our office. I probably should have turned the flash on.

Guest bathroom

And that's it. Our new forever house. I absolutely love it! I have some functionality issues with it, but it is just a matter of getting used to it. It is the house of our dreams and one we will grow old in.

I'll end this post with this cute little face. He misses his old house and keeps telling Brian, "Go to Home Depot and get some stairs. We weft ours in da old house. Da new house needs stairs."

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Nicole said...

WOw!!! That is amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!!