Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Knew?

I am a girly girl! I love everything that comes with being a girl. I love manicures & pedicures. I love pink! I would wear dresses & skirts everyday of the year if I could. I love wearing high heels, HATE tennis shoes! I can't leave the house without make up on, even if I go to the gym I have to wear foundation & mascara. I know absolutely nothing about sports and have no desire to learn. I would die before I skipped a hair appointment. I spend way too much on getting my hair done. My favorite part of the day is the hour I spend getting ready. I love shopping, I love shoes, purses, jewlery & clothes. You get the picture!

When I was young and pictured myself as a mom, I always pictured myself with a little girl. Of course the little girl would always be dressed in the cutest outfits with matching shoes & hair accessories. She would love to play with dolls and I would take her to get a pedicure as soon as her little feet would reach the water basin. I had a ton of girl names picked out. Not one boy name. When I was pregnant from weeks 5 to 19 I had a sneaking suspicion I was having a boy. As much I dreaded it, what would I do with a boy? I fiercely held out hope that it would be a girl, I mean I had a fifty-fifty chance right?

Well, when we went in for the, much anticipated, 20 week ultrasound I couldn't stand it! The tech said, "I see a penis! You're having a boy!" My heart sank. Really? A boy? I didn't know anything about "boy things". A teeny tiny part of me was sad. You mean I couldn't paint the nursery pink or buy all of those adorable pink polka-dotted dresses at Target?

But of course, I did my motherly duty and painted the nursery blue, bought blue outfits, blue bottles, blue blue blue! All except the pacifier holder! I chose pink! The cashier even said, "Umm. Your having a boy. Why is this pink? Go exchange it real quick" "No. I will be carrying the pacifier holder. I want something pink. It will stay pink."

Of course, now and even at twenty-something weeks pregnant, I wouldn't trade my boy in for the world. Actually, now I am grateful I have a boy. We all know the attitudes girls bring and the worrying about boys I would have to do.

Jaxon is a boy through and through! He loves all sports, he makes sound effects, he can't sit still, he plays with dirt! Each day this week I have had to wrestle him to get the dirt out of his fingernails! He loves to play rough, loves to be outside & loves dinosaurs. He always had a dirty face & screams bloody murder when I try to wash it or wipe it clean.

All boy. And I LOVE IT!

This is a glimpse into what I expect my summer to look like:

Jaxon isn't much of a fan of keeping the sand in the sandbox! He prefers to throw it in the air or empty it.

Who knew I would love being the mama to a boy so much??

Half way done with NaBloPoMo!


Jaymee said...

LOL. Love it!!!!

Ami said...

I'm still holding out for that girl of yours, but in the meantime, you really are a TERRIFIC "boy mommy!" And this way, you remain the princess of your household, which is kind of nice!

Bee-Jai said...

Boys rock! I LOVE it too. Although, I still would like to have a daughter someday. I just had a great relationship with my mom and would like to have that relationship again someday.

Sarah said...

i felt the same little twinge when i saw the twig and berries during my ultrasound. but i'm so happy to be joining the boy club :) i know i'll love having a boy just as much as you do!