Friday, April 16, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again...


The moment the temperature creeps to the high 50s and the wind is only a slight breeze, the Pearsons head to the golf course! Well, Brian heads to the golf course & I get suckerd into it! Last Sunday, Brian decided he wanted to walk a few holes. We are fortunate enough to be able to walk down our street and be on the golf course. So I loaded up the wagon with snacks, water, 2 animals, the camera, and Jaxon and followed Brian to the golf course.
(video 238)

We started off nice and calm, enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon together. The 1st hole took us next to the pond, so of course we had to stop to see the ducks.

"T'mon, Mama! Duts!"

It was a little tough leaving this hole since Jax didn't exactly want to leave the ducks, but I comvinced him to walk to the 2nd hole in search of more ducks.

At the 2nd hole Brian decided he would show Jaxon how to swing the club. This did NOT turn out well! Jaxon is a "try it myself first" kind-of-a-guy. It is impossible to show him things without him screaming.

During the 3rd hole Brian went ahead and I stayed behind with Jaxon while he hit the ball. We were here FOREVER!! He did not want to leave. I tried and tried and tried. He screamed and screamed and screamed. Luckily I had a second golf ball and, brilliantly I might add, thought to throw that ball and have Jaxon get it. Yup, like fetch. Actually I said, "Look Jaxon! You hit the ball! Let's go get it and hit it again!" It worked like a charm. The only problem was that I throw like a girl and it didn't go very far. So we played this game like 10 times before we caught up to Brian at the 4th hole.
(VIDEO 245)

Check out his grip!

Our little lefty

Finally! We reached Brian!

Our golf outing ended at the 4th hole with me saying something like, "Don't ever ask me to go golfing again unless there is a cart and an ice cold beer involved!" and I walked us home. (There was much Jaxon drama between holes 3 and 4 that I decided to spare you the details of. )

Good times at the golf course!

I started this post at 1:30 pm. It is now 10:17 pm. This entire time the computer has been trying to upload one stinkin' video and it hasn't been successful! Sorry. It was a cute video of Jaxon saying, "Paying dolf" (playing golf). then I tried uploading another video of Jaxon trying to swing the golf club. I have had no success with either. Go figure the only one that uploaded was the one of Jax throwing a tantrum! Maybe another day you will see the other two.

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