Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a Great Daddy!

I know that I do not show my appreciation enough for everything that Brian does. I always feel that he can more & that I do most of everything around here, but in all reality, Brian does a whole heck of a lot! He is the GREATEST dad I could ever ask for my precious darling. Brian gets up in the middle of the night, changes poopy diapers, takes days off if Jaxon is sick, takes him to the doctor, teaches him golf & baseball, makes him dinner, gives him baths, reads stories, takes him to the park. The list just goes on and on.
I am just so proud of how good he is with Jaxon. He will be the first one to admit that he has no patience and has no clue about kids, but he has learned fast! He still could use a dose or two of patience, but he's trying.
When Jaxon was a newborn and people would ask how Brian was doing I would always say, "I think he loves Jaxon more than I do! He is over the moon for that baby." And it's so true. Jaxon is his little buddy and he would go to the ends of the Earth for him. They had a strong bond from the first time they laid eyes on each other. I'm never sure who is more excited to whom when Brian gets home from work, Jaxon or Daddy.
I might complain about Brian, but I am always thankful he is such a wonderful Dad.
The Two Loves of My Life:

The outfit Jax is wearing is from Build-A-Bear! That's how tiny he was!
5 weeks

Tuscson, AZ Jaxon at 8 months

Chamisa Hills Golf Course. Jaxon at 9 months

Reid Park Zoo. 11 months

San Diego. Jaxon is 15 monthsMy favorite picture EVER of Brian & Jaxon.Albuquerque Aquarium. October 2009?Halloween 2009Tia Kate's kitty, Gracie. Christmas 2009Being silly at Oregano's. December 2009Saturday morning bedtime. You can barely see Brian's head to the left.Watching Tiger play in the Master's on Sunday.

How cute are Jaxon's little shoes?? LOVE them!- thanks Lola!

Thanks for all you do Brian!


Sarah said...

how effin sweet! made me cry, thanks anabelle! i hope james can be as good a dad as brian is :)

Ami said... pushing for a Target Raise or something?? Ok fine, that was very nice of you to post!