Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Do I Do?

Blogging Friends, I need some advice. Jaxon is normally a very good natured, happy, friendly little boy. He plays nicely with the kids at his babysitter's house. He says hello and talks to people in stores. He is polite to other kids on at the park, birthday parties and get togethers. The problem is at Gymboree. A few weeks ago I noticed that whenever another kid would come up to Jaxon he would give them the stink eye and yell, NO! Kids at Gymboree can't even get on the same play structure as him without getting yelled at by him. I just don't get it. Why so nice in other situations, but not so with his peers. These are the kids he is going to be in kindergarten with. I am so afraid he is going to be that kid I have in my classroom each year who is intolerant to his classmates. I know very well that Jax isn't perfect. I mean he has at least 5 tantrums a day at home. He tells me NO every other minute, but at home it's fine. I can deal with it here, it's when we are out that I want him to be a pleasant young man.

What do I do?? Please help. Is this just a stage of the famous terrible twos (which started at 18 months in our house!) Have your kids gone through this? Please leave me a comment with some helpful advice or even a reassurance that he's normal!

Thanks Friends!

Here's the stink eye... followed by NO!

6 down 24 to go!


Sarah said...

ummm i'm not a mom yet so i have no experience but my mom used this on us and it worked as far as i remember, have you tried the "be nice or we're leaving" at gymboree? not sure if you can reason with a two-year old, just a thought :) good luck! when you figure it out, you can pass it on to me!

Ami said...

I have no advice for you unfortunately. I'll be checking back though to see what others may have to say because I'll be needing it times 3 in a few months. Talk about screwed!! Good luck my friend!

Nicole said...

Right now the only thing Delaney says is NO. She hates sharing and screams right along with the no. All I know is that I make her 'calm down' on the couch (which she hates) and 1/2 the time she says sorry and shares. I gotta say...it's the terrible 2 thing. At least I hope.

Adam and Samantha said...

Oh that's totally normal (at least in my house) Ethan totally freaks out when other kids touch his toys, then the next day he is totally fine with sharing, they all go through something like that. Unfortunetly I have no idea when they grow out of it because Ethan is 3 and still does it! Malia is now following in his footsteps, we're going to be in trouble with that one!! So don't stress about it, just be consistant with him and one day he'll get the whole sharing thing!! I don't know why they call it the terrible 2's, it starts way before 2 and ends way after 2!!

Jen said...

That is the norm for that age. One of Noah's 1st words was NO. You figure they hear it so may times throughout the day as the grab for something they shouldn't touch, NO. Or about to touch something hot, NO. Pull a dog's tail, NO. He's just testing his new found personality and being "in charge" with his new word, NO! My only adivse...consistancy. That is the key no matter where you are or who the lesson is being taught from, just be consistant. Soon as they find a hole, they're in and won't give up!Watch out though because in our house "3" was by far worse than the terrible 2's! Good luck :)