Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

On Easter Sunday we also celebrated Lucy's 6th birthday!

On Friday, Jaxon & I went to Target to shop of Lucy's birthday present. The first thing Jax saw was a squeaky toy that had a dachshaund head and a hot dog body. Totally cute! He held it for a bit and said, "Ucy." Ok. We'll get it for Lucy. Then he spotted a pack of 4 balls! "Balls! Jaxon hold it." Hmm... we may have to put the hot dog Lucy back. Once I let him hold the balls, the squeaky toy went out of the cart. Literally. He was done with that! I told him the balls were for Lucy, but I knew better. Jaxon wanted them for himself. He is a true blue boy and LOVES balls! I figured the balls were a win win. I mean, she takes his balls all the time. We could use a few more that were actually hers. We got the balls and a package of treats and were on our way home... well, with a few other items too. No way to get out of Target so easily!

On Sunday, Lucy had a rare treat for breakfast, 1/2 a french toast waffle. In case you hadn't noticed Lucy is getting a little thicker around the waist so the Saturday breakfasts have been put on hold for her :'(

She gobbled up the waffles so fast, I'm not sure she even chewed them!

Then it was presents time! She LOVED the balls! Of course, Jaxon loved them just as much. I told him he had to share with Lucy, so after that he went around saying, "Har, Ucy." (Share, Lucy) and throwing the ball to her. It was a perfect.

"Hmm. What do we have here?"

"Come look at my present!"

"I'm coming!"

The only problem with Jaxon playing fetch with her is that she brings the ball to me instead of Jax! She's a slow learner.



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Ami said...

I remember when Lucy was as big as my hands!! She was darn cute! Happy Birthday Lucy Lou! I would've given her a plastic bottle for her birthday...and a laser light...(Oh and just so you know, my favorite parts of your blogs are the Jaxon translations! So funny!)