Monday, April 5, 2010

A Perfect Easter Sunday!

Before I start this post, I must tell you that my mom filled in some memory gaps for me. We DID color Easter eggs, go on egg hunts and get Easter baskets. She did admit that we didn't dye eggs each year since we always lived on base, we would go to the big Easter egg hunt the base would host. And we always went to church (which is what I remember). Thankfully, my brother and I weren't deprived as children.

Now onto Easter! We had an absolute happy, perfect, wonderful, beautiful day! Sunday was one of those days that I just want to put in a bottle and open up when I'm feeling down or years down the road when Jaxon has grown up and I miss the toddler days.

We started off the day by having a little bedtime. Bedtime is a weekend tradition in the Pearson family. Jax will get up around 7:oo am -7:30am and we will put him in our bed to watch cartoons and do a bit of cuddling. Admittedly Brian and I try to catch an extra few minutes of sleep, but usually aren't successful since Jax tends to do A LOT of talking and poking during bedtime!

Back to Easter Sunday. Bedtime was cut short because my biggest kid,Brian, was super excited about the Easter Bunny having visited us which then made Jaxon super excited about seeing what the Bunny brought us.

Downstairs we went to check out what he left. The Easter Bunny was quite generous this year! He got so many things that they didn't all fit in the basket and had to be given later during the day. The Easter Bunny also left something from Lola & Abu.

Digging into the baskets. What's the first thing he pulls out? A triceratops! Or "T tops"

Now it's time for the Easter egg hunt! When the Easter Bunny left the eggs outside the night before he forgot about the sprinklers coming on so most of the eggs were white instead of colorful.

Lucy was quite the helper!

The best part of the egg hunt was how Jaxon would just throw the eggs into his bucket. Which meant we had about a dozen broken eggs to deal with later.

Next it was breakfast time. French toast waffles and Kielbasa sausages!

Notice how his new animals are "eating" breakfast too! Each animal would have a "bite" then Jaxon. I even had to clean them off when breakfast was over. "T tops messy. tean Mama!" (clean.)

Then off to Mass we went. Brian decided that he was going to go to his own church... the golf course! I was excited to go to mass because it was outside! The weird thing was that it was at a cemetery. It kinda creeped me out at first, but once we got there it was actually beautiful. The cemetery is on a hill and it overlooked the city of Albuquerque and the Bosque (forest). It also faces the mountain so it made for a very nice scenery. I thought it odd that people were walking on other people's grave sites. I decided then and there that I would be cremated. Nobody is going to walk over me!

Mama & her very handsome son.

Trying to persuade him to stand alone. He just wanted to be held.

I LOVE this outfit! Brian called him his "Little Pimp Daddy" which Jaxon then started repeating! "Pid daddy"

Look who showed up to surprise us! He's the BEST daddy & husband!

I wish mass could be outside every week! Jaxon was an absolute angel. He people watched, played with his animals, ate some snacks. It was great! The weather was BEAUTIFUL!! It is rare these days to get a calm, warm day in ABQ, but here it was. Almost hot! I even got a wonderful farmer's tan! The best part was that there was NO WIND!! ABQ should be the Windy City, not Chicago.

After Mass & nap time we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent about 4 hours outside playing... bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sandbox, t-ball, soccer, fetch, catch & working on our tans! I was lazy and didn't go upstairs to get my camera. :( I'm glad we soaked up the fresh air Sunday because today was back to cool and 30-4o mph winds. UGH!

Anyway, it was the perfect day. We had such a nice time being together as a family. It just doesn't get any better than that!

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He looks so cute and I love your dress!