Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 1st Jaxon!

Jaxon turned 1 on Thursday!! I can't believe it. Everyone one always said to me, "Enjoy the newborn stage, it goes by fast." Well, they are all right! Boy did this year fly by. I cannot believe that my tiny little preemie is one year old. I am a bit sad that he is no longer a baby. It is amazing how much they learn in one short year. I was always so worried that he wasn't hitting his milestones (rolling over, waving, crawling), but when I think about it, it is absolutely amazing how he is learning! I am so proud. Well, let's get into the big birthday...
The preparations started the night before with decorating the house and making Jaxon a birthday shirt.

Brian graciously volunteered to iron the iron-on. I know it was because he thinks I am not the best ironer in the world (which I will not argue with) and don't always have the best attention to detail.

Here's the finished product!

Jaxon was so intrigued by the decorations. He was in awe and was trying to figure out what was wrong with his house! He LOVED the balloons on his chair though. He had fun playing with them during breakfast.
Looking at the decorations
After breakfast it was time for presents! Well, he kind of made it presents time, since he spied them on the coffee table and made a bee line for them. I wanted to put his birthday shirt on before presents (always thinking about the blog pictures!). Imagine trying to put a shirt on a kid who has just discovered his presents, not an easy task! but we got it done and of course there was also a birthday hat!

Are these for me?

Let's open presents!

Opening the lawn mower Abuela gave him.

Our little birthday unicorn

Reading and listening to the card Abuela gave him. Yes, it was one of those cards with sounds. He loves anything with music!

Ok, so I must toot my own horn here. I am so proud of myself because I did not go overboard on presents!! Yay me! All I got him was a little t-ball set (pictured on its side above), a Handy Manny toolbox and a ball. That's all! Can you believe it? (Let's not mention all of the clothes I got him later, though. Those don't really count!) He also got a musical lawn mower from my mom, money in his 529 college fund account from my dad and grandparents, a book from Tia Kate, and a golfing outfit from Uncle Brooks and Aunt Rebecca.

Let me tell you about the Handy Manny toolbox... A few weeks ago Brian & I started letting Jaxon watch Playhouse Disney and one of the shows we watched was "Handy Manny". It's a show about a man, Manny, who is a repair man. His assistants are tools who talk and they are bilingual. Brian really likes the show. A few days later my mom and I were birthday shopping and I came across this singing and dancing toolbox. I was super excited! Jaxon would love it (and so would Brian). It sings a catchy song and says a few phrases in English and Spanish. Perfect! It's great! Cut to a few days after his birthday and the toolbox is driving us nuts! Jax will sit with the toolbox and press the button until he hears the song, then he will bob his head and move his body back and forth... he's dancing! So cute! Well he does this over and over and over and over. Now, he doesn't listen to the phrases, just the song and he knows to skip right through the "boring" parts. Brian and I have had this song stuck in our heads for days!

After his nap Abuela, me & Jax headed for the Rio Grande Zoo!

Notice how he is just lounging in his stroller. Is this not funny? That's pretty much how he spent the entire trip.

He perked up when he saw the sea lions and seals swimming in front of them.

With Abuela. How cute does he look??

I love this boy!

I know this is a bad picture, but I posted it so you could see my scar. It's almost un-noticeable!

One more nap after the zoo and then onto cake! I ordered a cupcake cake, which was the best thing EVER!! He was able to go to town while we slowly took cupcakes from the other side. There was no cutting of the cake, no knives it was beautiful!

Trying for a family picture before cake. Didn't go so well. Notice Lucy's birthday hat!

Jaxon wasn't so sure at first. He kept looking a Brian as if to say, "Can I touch it?"

All he needed was permission!

With Sloan Wilson. Jaxon loves her and was flirting the entire evening! Watch out Hunter Bunch... you have competition!

Whew! What a long, busy, fun day! and thank goodness for my mom because she took care of cleaning him up! Jaxon had a perfect 1st birthday.

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon! What a handsome little man you are! Hope you had fun on your special day.