Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jaxon Walks!

Well, ok, walking may be an exageration, but he has officially taken his first steps! I actually wasn't sure if they counted, but after talking to my friend Becky (who has 2 successful walking little girls) I feel confident that they did occur! Here's the scoop:
Yesterday, Jax and I were visiting our favorite triplets. I was on the couch with Hunter, Ami was on the glider with Colton, Debi was on the floor with Ethan and Jaxon was holding onto the coffee table. All of a sudden, Jaxon turns around to face me (well, let's be real, he was checking Hunter out!) lets go on the table and walks without holding on to the couch! This was a good 2 or 3 steps! Ami and I look at each other and say, "Were those his first steps?"Ami, being the supportive friend she is, says, "I would count it! We're your witnesses."
Well, I still didn't believe it (I am imagining that once he lets go of the table, he will just keep on walking). Apparently that is not how it works! Talking with Becky, I learned that they will take a few steps and then not take any for a few more days. But today he took 3 steps between my mom and me! Wahoo! We are on our way! I do feel bad for Brian though, the last thing he said to Jaxon as he got on his flight back to Albuquerque was, "Don't start walking in the next 2 weeks!" I believe he jinxed it.
You know I will keep you posted on his progress, who knows maybe I could capture it on video :)

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Fisher Family said...

Watch out world! Here comes Mr. Jax!!!! We were just discussing lil ones moving: )