Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jaxon's 1 yr Pictures

Thursday was Jaxon's 1 year pictures at JC Penney's. All I am going to say is that it wasn't exactly a success! But, they did turn out pretty cute and you better believe that these pictures will be used to my advantage someday when Jaxon gets older.


Look at all my teeth!

I do not like you!

I've had enough!

Mama, get me outta here!

And my personal favorite... Jaxon giving the stink eye!

Do not be surprised if this is the look he gives you when he first meets you. I get it all the time!

During the session I was pretty upset that Jax was being a "diva", but the more I look at the pictres the cuter and funnier I think they are! I may still have them redone, but for now I am happy with them.


kershner3 said...

So cute!! Kara has the same "stink eye" look. I always think that our photo sessions are bad, but like you said..when you go back and look at them they are much better than you thought they'd be. You can see their real personalities. When they get older, they start giving the fake cheesy smile:)

Fisher Family said...

Just captured all his little looks he gives professionally! I used to want the "perfect" pose for the girls, no hair could be out of place. But now my favorite are those that portray their true selves. I love it!!!! See you soon?!!!!