Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jaxon's 1st Halloween

We had a pretty busy week this week, with a Halloween party on Saturday, 2 power outages, a field trip to the pumpkin patch, parent teacher conferences, and Halloween itself. No wonder Joey is falling asleep during dinner! Anywhoodle, we have a lot of pictures!

Last Saturday we went to a costume party at Jaxon's babysitter's house. Jax went as a puppy. He was so cute! Unfortunately, I was a bad mom and didn't have him try on the costume before. So, it turned out to be too small. :( He was too long for it. If you look at the pictures closely you can see his legs folded up to his chest. Needless to say, he didn't last too long in his costume.

The bulge above the paws are his legs. Poor Baby!

Now what was he going to wear on Halloween night? He had an outfit my mom bought him that he was going to wear during the day, but how about for Trick or Treating? Thank goodness for Uncle Brooks and Aunt Rebecca, they saved Halloween night! They sent Jaxon a very cute pumpkin outfit that was perfect for going out on Halloween!

On Tuesday, I took my lovely kinders to the pumpkin patch. It was actually the best field trip I have been on so far. I told the kids I was going to choose a pumpkin for Jaxon. I picked a good sized one and they told me it was too big for a baby. So I had them pick a perfect pumpkin for him. They were so cute searching for his pumpkin. Here he is with his very first pumpkin

He loved standing on the grass, but not so much sitting on it!

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