Wednesday, November 12, 2008

EWWW! Not prunes!

Today was the day Jax was introduced to prunes. Umm yeah, I'm not so sure he is sold on that whole thing! He scrunches up his face and shudders after every bite. Then he has to tell me how much he does not like it. I was grateful he didn't spit it out at me like he did when he ate green beans. Probably because I didn't make him suffer through the entire jar. Luckily for him I was late for my hair appointment. But never fear, we are giving it another try tomorrow! I am a glutton for punishment. Check out the video, it's pretty funny. It may be a bit long, but you will get the idea after a few seconds.

He also learned to hold his bottle all by himself today! He has been trying for awhile now, but hasn't been able to keep it in his mouth by himself. This morning he was starvin' marvin and was throwing a fit while Brian changed his diaper, so Brian says, "Give him the bottle!" So I did and Lord and behold! he held it all by himself! I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment. I think he looks awfully proud of himself.

I took him with me to my hair appointment today, and he was a hit. He is such a little flirt. He smiled, laughed and talked to all of the ladies there. He spent 2 hours going from lady to lady. Every time I went to check on him he was being held by someone different. So much for having stranger anxiety! He doesn't know the meaning. He was like, "See ya, Mom! I have lots of girls who will hold me and play with me!" He is such a charmer!

I'm also posting pictures of us on Saturday. My mom bought him some boots a couple of months ago and he wore them for the first time this weekend. Check them out, he looks like a big boy. Granted, by the time we walked from the backyard to the car, the boots had been kicked off, but they are cute nonetheless.

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Ami said...

So cute! I'm so proud of all your videos! And the boots are too darn cute! Those boots were made for walking...for sure! :)