Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This Thanksgiving was one of the best Thanksgivings we've had in awhile. It was very quiet, calm and relaxing. 
We started the festivities on Tuesday by going to Jaxon's Thanksgiving play at school.
He played  Pilgrim #4 and his line was, "Brrr. It is cold here. I'm not used to so much snow in the winter."
It was a very cute play. (He must go to a school with AMAZING kindergarten teachers. I mean take a look at that set!  Just sayin'.)

On Thanksgiving we had to make a pilgrim hat and a Native American headband. Of course Reese was the Native American. Complete with no shirt. She wore her headband proudly and all day long. 

This year it was just my parents and us for Thanksgiving. Like I said, very quiet. 

Jaxon made place cards for each person

Our fashionista Native American

Don't all Native Americans wear a bunny purse?

Our neighbor french braided Reese's bangs.
Love it.

Jaxon's placemat from school.
Again, amazing teachers :) 

All he wanted as the wish bone. 

Make a wish! 

Jaxon's wish will come true!

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