Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reese Turns 2!

So Reese turned 2 last month. What?!?! I know. How did THAT happen? As we were singing Happy Birthday I seriously felt as if he had just sung to her for her 1st birthday. 
Oh. My sweet girl. How I love her! 

She had a perfect birthday. As the months got closer I debated what to do to celebrate. I went back and forth between a big party in the park to just family at home again. I finally decided on just family at home, when my friend Maggie had other plans. "You aren't going to have a party for her? Oh. She needs a party. It's her birthday." So I decided to have an "exclusive" party. With only 4 invitees. I invited Mary and her 2 girls, Ami & the triplets, my parents, Courtney and Grammy Sue. Ok, so that's 5 invitees. 

Then as the day arrived I thought, I went through all this trouble I should have invited more people. But too late. And in the end, I'm happy with how my exclusive party turned out.  Next year, I'll add to the list. Maybe. 

Party table.
So I forgot how large an Eegee's sub is. Yeah. There was an entire sub left.

The birthday girl. She had such a fun time! The amount of kids was absolutely perfect for her. 

My from scratch cupcakes. :) 

Singing Happy Birthday is always my favorite part of my kids' birthdays. There is something about listening to other people help you celebrate your child that gets to me. And singing happy birthday to Reese was no different. Especially since it was THE BEST EVER reaction I have seen! She was absolutely elated to hear everyone sing to her. I have never seen her smile to big. My heart was absolutely bursting with happiness. I think what made it even more special was that last year she had zero emotion and come to find out, she had an ear infection, which meant she couldn't hear. So to see her enjoy her moment was that much more special. 

Look at that face!!

Is there a better reaction that this?
I think not.
We all had to help her blow out the candle. 

What? I can eat this cupcake?

Dainty. Didn't think that would happen.

There's the Reese I know & love

The only picture I got of the birthday kids. 
Lucy was in heaven because little kids don't really pay attention to their food so she ate a minimum of 3 cupcakes and ice cream scoops! 

So I love a good picture comparison and 'remaking' the same picture years later. Our last house birthday party was Jaxon's 3rd birthday. It also happen to be the day after I found out I was pregnant with Reese. The only person that knew about the pregnancy was Ami, well, and Brian. She took our family picture and I vividly remember her saying, "I can see another kid in this picture and it's going to be so cute." So of course I had to take the same picture again with our complete family of 4. 

Thanks Ami for another perfect family picture! 

I think Ami was right.
 The cuteness factor did increase exponentially with Reese. 

Reese only opened a couple presents on party day. The rest we saved for her real birthday. 

Her exclusive party was absolutely perfect. Brian and I were able to enjoy and socialize with all of our guests. The kids played nicely. Reese was not overwhelmed and was also able to enjoy her day to the fullest. So as much as I didn't want to throw a party and as much as I felt guilty for not inviting more people, I believe it was absolutely perfect.


For the first time in my parenting 'career' I did not take the birthday day off to spend with her. Again. Guilt. But I did pick her up early and we came home for our in-home speech session. Which she absolutely loves.

Officially two! 
Later that evening we sang happy birthday again and opened all of her presents. 

This picture cracks me up! Ami got her a "Mom on the Go" play set. It is a set with things that a mom would have in her diaper bag. One of the things is a changing pad. Reese comes over to me wanting her skirt off. Which I took off. It was almost bath time anyway. Then she wanted her diaper off. I, again, obliged because well, it was almost bath time and once Reese gets something in her head, there is no telling her no. 
Once she is naked, she lies down on the changing pad and wants me to change her diaper. That girl is too much! 

Always my girly girl, she had to try on the skirt Rebecca bought her. She was strutting her stuff and twirling like a super model. 

The doctor's kit from Mary was another favorite. 

I cannot even imagine what our family would be like without Reese. She absolutely completes us. We all needed an extra little spunk in our lives. Reese has brought so much love and happiness into our family, it's unbelievable. She was exactly what we needed at exactly the right moment. I thank God everyday for her. 

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Ami said...

LOVED her exclusive birthday party! I pretty much love Reese to pieces! So very happy she joined your world!