Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reesey Talks!

Well, kind of. Just a little.

Many of you know that Reesey struggles with her speech. She really does try to say words, but they just won't come out. Going to the Word Learning study at the University really helped, but we finished that in July. I am taking her to a speech eval next month and I'm really excited. If she qualifies I know she's going to take off! If she doesn't then maybe I'll feel better about it (probably not, though).

Anyway, Lately she seems to be picking up a few words here and there. So I thought I'd make a little list of words she knows at 21 months.

baba (pacifier. In Spanish we call it bobo so maybe that's where this comes from)
caca (poop) - Speaking of poop... She has pooped in the potty TWO TIMES!! She already knows when she has gone poop and will point to her diaper and say caca. She sometimes gets mixed up when she is tooting and will say caca so I've taken these moments and put her on the toilet and twice now she has actually gone!

Nunu (her pink bunny lovie)
dowm (down. This is a new word as of this weekend!)
wawa (water, but only sometimes)
Lala (Lola)
Babu (Abu)

Ten words. That's what she knows. It's not much, but I'm excited. She understands absolutely everything though. 

Yesterday she was standing on the dining room table and she says, "Mama? Dawm. Mama. Dowm" Yay! That's a sentence!!

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The Whiteds said...

Go, Reese! before you know it, Anabelle, she will be bossing Jaxon around. :)