Friday, July 5, 2013

San Diego Days 3 & 4

And the San Diego Adventures continue! Days 3 & 4 were spent shopping and at Legoland! 

Our morning ritual... Jax & Reese on the hammock. 
These two melt my heart. I love how much they love each other. 

Reese found the fountain. It had water. She wanted in. 

After shopping we headed down to the beach for an a bit. 

Hip hip hooray for family pictures! 
IT would be nice if everyone looked at the camera. 


While on our shopping trip, Jaxon picked out this necklace for Reese. 
She loved it. She walked around showing it off. 
Then she broke it. 

We did a marathon Legoland visit! We hit the aquarium, theme park AND water park all in 7 hours! Yeah. We were exhausted.

Let me just say that this trip to Legoland was 100 times more pleasurable than our last visit 2 years ago. (It's funny looking at those pics. I was desperately trying to hide my very new pregnancy. And looking at my on the rides with Jax explains a lot about why Reese is the way she is!) That was miserable! For several reasons. I am happy to report good times were had by all! 

In case you're wondering, that brontosaurus is made with 435,000 Lego blocks.
You're welcome.

Seriously? Can she ever smile?
I swear she's a happy girl!

There was a "Character Band" singing and dancing on the lawn and our little party was in heaven! 
She was partying like it was 1999!

See those 2 boys in orange? Yep. Her dance partners. Girl isn't shy and goes after what she wants. We're in BIG trouble!

Dancing with Daddy. Thank goodness!

One of the Lego Chima

This part was HILARIOUS! 
This little toy thing was something that she LOVED! At one point two much older kids (7-8 yrs old) came by to play. she was not having it so she screamed at the top of her longs and pushed the boys away! The boys looked at each other and  left. 
Really? She's one guys! Aye aye aye.
She also made a friend. The only kid she would let play on her controls. They formed an instant bond. So cute. 

Jaxon built a winning Lego racer! This was he winning car. His car was faster than about 6 others and he won this crown. He was beyond excited!

After Legoland we went back to the water park for about an hour. Brian, Reese & I were exhausted, but Jaxon was not taking no for an answer. We were hoping Reese would fall asleep so then one of us would have to sit with her while the other ran around with Jaxon, but no such luck. 
She feel asleep about 3 seconds after walking out of the Legoland gates. Of course. 

I can't say this enough, but we have had a GREAT time! 

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Courtney said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip!! I love the pic of Reese zonked out in the stroller. Clearly she had a little too much fun ;)