Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacay - Day 2

This year we were told we HAD to go to Legoland, it would be perfect for Jaxon. We went. Brian was a little apprehensive because he had never been and didn't know what to expect. who knew he wasn't the adventurous/surprise type? I, on the other hand, was excited! I mean, who doesn't like things made of Legos? so off we went.

I have a confession... I had to create a diversion while Brian bought our tickets because he decided Jaxon would be 2 on this day so he could get in free. This is why this picture was taken. So as we are going in the gate I had to whisper to Jaxon that we had to be VERY quiet as we strolled into the gate. Once Jaxon opens his mouth you know he's not 2! Let me tell you, I was sweating in 60 degrees! I knew for sure we'd get caught and have to pay the $50 fee... yes $50! or worse, get kicked out of Legoland before we even walked in. Alas, no need to worry. Legloand people were not as rigid as SeaWorld people... no bag check, not looking at the kids as they walked in the gate.

Right off the bat there were Lego dinosaurs! Oh My! Can you imagine Jaxon's excitement? They even have a Dino roller coaster, or a "Coastersaurus". The line was too long so we went on and decided to hit it on the way out.

Alligators made of Legos that spit water!

They have this cool little Lego town for ages 2-5. We spent quite a lot of time here.

Driving the ambulance.
Ready to ride the train around the farm! Igot voted to go on the train because it goes round and round and Brian doesn't do round and round. Lucky me :)
Jaxon wanted to build a tower taller than Mama

Jaxon's first "ride" was this Fire Patrol Helicopter. Brian volunteered for this ride because it didn't go round and round.

From the airport we went to the raceway. Go-carts for the little guys. Yes, he had to steer and push the gas pedal! For as independent as Jaxon wants to be, he was having a hard time driving without Mama or Daddy right there (We had to watch from outside the track).

Thank goodness the ride conductor was friendly, she talked to Jaxon and encouraged him to go around by himself. This is when I think it helps that he's cute!

Off he goes! He wasn't a very good driver. We'll be in trouble in 13 years. Not sure I'll be letting him drive my car!

He's pretty proud of himself as he goes around the bend.
A Lego Mariachi Band!

OOO a Lego shark!

Obstacle course with my boy

That obstacle coarse was hard work! An ice cream was well deserved

AFter the ice cream, Jaxon wanted to ride more rides!
Bob the Builder.

Bob's wife??

Building a Lego race car with Daddy

Time to race!

I think this means his car went 3.47 seconds. Who knows!

First and only family picture.

On our way out we just HAD to stop at Coastersaurus. I was a bit worried, because waiting in line hadn't been Jaxon's strength this trip. There were many a ride we either passed or left the line because he decided he didn't want to wait and got upset other people were riding "his" ride. So I was fully prepared to give my spot up... again. Surprisingly he did great! We stood in line for almost 30 minutes. I guess it helped that he had hopes of seeing a T-Rex while on the coaster. Unfortunately, Brian got an important work phone call while waiting, and had to miss out on Jaxon's first "real" rollercoaster.

I think he may be a dare devil. He LOVED it! The giggles and smile on his face made everything worth it. We had SOOOO much fun! It was definitely the highlight of the trip for both of us.

The smiles didn't last long. He did not want his picture taken with the parasoluphus (sp?)
And to top it off... digging for dinosaur fossils!

Bye bye Legoland! See you in a few years!
Even though we had our rocky moments, I would recommend going to anyone who has kids (especially boys) ages 3-7 and taller than 34 inches. 42 inches tall would be ideal because then they can ride everything. We had a blast. It is truly geared for kids. But adults beware... they don't serve alcohol like at Sea World, and a beer would have come in handy at some points. Just sayin'.

Next time... A short visit to the San Diego Zoo... and I mean short!

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Sarah said...

look like you guys had fun! i am proud of you for doing the obstacle course! maybe we'll take henry next year :)