Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Memories... San Diego Day 1

Our annual San Diego Summer vacay is here! Yahoo! We are back in our little Cottage by the Sea and we couldn't be happier. As always, it has not disappointed. It's only Day 2, but 2 out of 2 is perfect! 

We headed out Saturday morning with some music and DVDs. Reese was especially happy because for the first time she is facing forward in her car seat! 

She did take two quick little naps. The best two half hours of the trip :)

After we did some grocery shopping and ate a quick dinner, Jaxon and I resumed our favorite position at the cottage... the hammock. This time with a tasty treat. 

I decided that after we indulged in some Hagen Daaz ice cream we should take a little walk. 

Sunday morning found Reesey and me alone while the boys went to the driving range. 
I cannot get enough of this wild girl! Everything she does absolutely cracks me up!

I sat in the airondack chair and she climbed in the lounge chair next to me to enjoy some cereal. 
The best part was her waving and blowing kisses to cars and people as they drove/walked past. Hysterical! 

She CAN relax when she chooses!

After a little relaxing at the cottage, we went down to the beach to 'relax' there.
My favorite part of the beach is Reese's bikini because there is nothing cuter than a baby in a bikini. It may be inappropriate, but who cares! It's adorable!

Her curls are perfect here! 

Digging holes

Sitting in holes

This is the 'hot tub' Jaxon made. 
Back home for some dinner, a fire and s'mores

The sitting doesn't last long

"Ha" (hot)

Trying for a family self portrait

 On Saturday a guy parked across the street and unloaded a crap ton of stuff. He informed Brian that he is camping overnight on the lagoon. 
Sure enough, Dude's truck was there for 25 hours! He immersed from the lagoon Sunday evening. Brian asked him if he caught anything. Gary, he introduced himself, let us know that there wasn't much, but he did catch a few sharks and a sting ray. 
Now, those of you who know Jax know that 1. he is an ocean animal expert and 2. does not talk to anyone. After Gary told us about the sharks he started to walk away. Jaxon then calls out, "How do we know you caught a shark?!" The kid called Gary out! Gary was super pleased to reply, "Well I got some pictures." To which Jaxon says, "Show them to me." OMG. Who is this kid? 
Sure enough, Gary walks back over and shows Jaxon his shark and sting ray pictures. Jaxon was convinced and said, "Cool. Thanks." 

Reesey surveying Gary

Gary's dog. Pic courtesy of Jaxon
On the right side of the pic you'll see Gary's phone.
He's showing Reese the pics.
After the excitement of Gary, Reese ventured to my chair where she found my wine glass. 
Thank goodness it was empty...

Two tired kids after a day at the beach

Monday found us at Legoland Water Park. Seriously a super fun time! 

Our water dogs were in heaven! 

Jaxon & I went on a "splash mountain" like ride and when it was over he says, "That terrified me! I don't want to do that ever again in my life until I'm 6. Or maybe later on today with Daddy." He cracks me up! And what 5 year old says "terrifies"? Only mine. 

He also went down a pretty big tube slide. Twice. With no floaties. We were impressed. He wasn't terrified of that. He even said he turned around for a second on the slide and was going down head first. 

A warm up to the big slides

Even Reese took her turns down the slide

The lazy river was by far our favorite. Even Reese laid back and relaxed
on her infant tube.
Tomorrow we'll do a little shopping and log some more beach time. Can't wait! 


Courtney said...

Yay!!! I've been missing you guys. It looks like you guys are having soooo much fun. I love all the pics. Tell Brian and those two cuties I say hi!!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Looks like lots of fun!!