Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Day of Kinder!

Jaxon's first day of Kindergarten came last week. Sigh. I have been anticipating this day for YEARS! I think since I am a kinder teacher all I could do was picture the day my boy would be joining me. Every time we would do something in class I couldn't help but think I can't believe Jax will be doing this soon. 

The week before school I was so busy and stressed getting ready for MY class that I didn't give much thought to Jaxon going to school. 

Until curriculum night. As I was introducing myself to my new families and telling them about my family. I started to cry, not a full-on sob, but a tear up, let me take a deep breath and change the subject, type of cry. The rest of my presentation went on without a hitch. Then I headed to Jaxon's class presentation. The moment I sat in that chair as a PARENT, I almost lost it. Again. More deep breaths. Please don't cry in front of other families. 

 I was so anxious & nervous all weekend. I normally feel this way anyway, but this year was worse. My sweet boy would be a 'big kid', with homework and 'responsibilities'! I couldn't even believe the time had come. Where did it all go?? Thank goodness I have Reesey as a 'baby' for a few more years! 

He was so excited the night before! It literally took him all summer to get excited about kindergarten! He didn't start counting down the days until Friday. Not kidding. 

When I woke him up on Monday morning, with a big smile on my face, he says, "Mama. I'm not ready yet. I haven't done enough work." Then, "I will try not to talk so much. I do like to talk, but I'll try not to talk as much as I'd like to." Love this kid!
As he's getting ready he says, "I can't go to kindergarten. I don't know my letters." After I tell him that he DOES know all his letters, sounds & numbers he says, "Well, I don't know how to WRITE them all the right way." My little worrier. That's why you're going to school! 

I will be recreating this picture.
You can't see his name very well. 

All Reesey wanted was to be next to her big brother!

He's grown so much in the last year!
No Papi!

In front of his classroom door

Even though I only teach morning kinder, I enrolled Jax in afternoon. There were MANY reasons why this worked out better for us. Mainly, Ms. Courtney we wanted Ms. Courtney to be his Kinder Plus teacher (K+ is a program for those parents who need childcare all day. They focus on developmentally appropriate activities and is play based.

Jaxon was worried that Daddy wouldn't be there to drop him off on his first day of kinder, but Brian was not going to miss it for the life of him! 
He was there early to see his boy off to kindergarten! 

Jax and his best friend Chase.

Jaxon and Kaitlyn.
It's crazy to think that Kaitlyn's mom, Becky, & I have been friends since college! We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. I would NEVER have guessed that we were going to have kids 2 weeks apart and that they'd be going to school together one day!

Here we go! 
Let me tell you, that I did WAAAAY better than I thought I would! I barely even cried! Dropping him off in the morning with Ms. Courtney was rougher than leaving him in his kinder classroom. I was pretty proud of myself!

I am fortunate to be able to peek in on Jax through out the afternoon. Here's my view from the pod (teacher area that connects 4 classrooms)
Jax is next to the girl in purple.

Snack time with his friend, Joshua

His first school-age teacher, Mrs. Malm

Walking to the welcome assembly.

Waiting for the assembly to begin. Notice the smile on his face? Comet the Coyote, our mascot, is in front of him.

Getting a high five from Comet!
Thanks Ms. Baltes! :) You made his day!

Her survived the first day!
With a smile on his face.
As we walked out of my classroom he says, "THAT was a terrific day! I didn't even know that kindergarten would be so much fun!" Melts my heart. 

A little Starbucks treat to celebrate his first day. 

His first work.
That's a picture of our family and his hand with a heart on top. 
When Brian came home and asked him what he learned he said, "Nothing! I didn't even learn to write all my letters!" 
I've asked him if he likes Mrs. Malm and he get a BIG smile on his face and tells me that he likes her a lot and that he likes her better than before. :)

He had a great first week! I'm so proud of him. Every time I check in on him he is sitting quietly and attentively. I knew he was going to be a good student!

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Courtney said...

Love all the pics. Got a little teary eyed reading it! The last few years have flown by!!