Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July

We were really excited to spend the Fourth in San Diego. We decided we would spend the day at the beach, grill out for dinner and watch Legoland's fireworks from the end of our street. 
The plan was to load the car with all of beach stuff early, drive down to the beach, leave the car there and walk back to the cottage. Well, us and the rest of Carlsbad had that idea because when we got up at 6:00 am we could see that the beach parking was already full. On to Plan B. Which we didn't have. No biggie. 

We decided instead to start the day by heading to Ocean Side and spending an hour or so there then coming back and thinking of a Plan B. 

I had to get a picture of them in their flag shirts.

Reese is actually looking at the neighborhood cat. He came by to say Hi and Reese was so excited that she literally scared him up the tree. 

She's not taking her eyes off him

In case we forgot there was a cate up there

Last year I started yet another tradition... our family beach foot picture. 
That was first on my agenda before anyone when out to play.

Jax of course had to wear his swim suit, because he was getting wet, no matter how chilly it was. 

Once the foot picture was taken he was off!

Brian joined him shortly
Reese and I hung out for awhile.

But I'm only good enough for a so long then she needs her Daddy and Bubba.

I probably should have put her in a swim suit. 

After lunch and a nap for Reese we headed to the 'real' beach. 
As we were driving back from Ocean Side Brian said, "I wish we had one of those big tired wagons. Then it would be easy to pile everything on it and walk to the beach."

Well, his wish came true! As he was looking through the big Rubbermaid tubs full of beach gear he came across a wagon! We had hit the 4th of July jackpot! 
He loaded it up and walked down to the beach with Jaxon while Reese was sleeping. 
Then the four of us headed back a bit later. 

Yep. Even I pulled the wagon. I do do CrossFit after all.
Now loads of beach pictures!

I never thought I would love a family picture with me
in a bathing suit, but I do!
This is my favorite!

After several hours of water, sand and sun we headed back to the cottage, grilled out, put Reesey to bed and enjoyed a nice evening with s'mores and fireworks. 

It was a perfect 4th! Can't wait to do it again next year!

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