Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happies and Crappies

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It's Summer. It doesn't get much Happier than that! 


* We FINALLY SOLD OUR NEW MEXICO HOUSE!! It doesn't get much happier than that! We closed on it on Thursday. YAHOOOOO!!! 

* The kids & I had a fun playdate at Breakers water park with Ami, Mary & Jen. I was very nervous about this since Reese was going and she has no fear of the water and Jaxon has a tremendous amount of fear. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage these two but, Jaxon gained some phenomenal self-confidence and didn't need me by his side. And just like I thought, Reesey was fearless. She was sliding down the kiddie slides like a champ. No kidding. Arms up, smile on her face and down she'd go! If she fell, head first, in the water she would simply pull herself up, again with a smile on her face.  It was surprisingly stress-free. Pics to come once Ami sends them to me... no pressure Ami :) 

An attempt at a group shot

Playing with Autumn in the wave pool

* I started CrossFit this week. I'm super excited to get back in the gym and hopefully shed the couple lbs I gained in the last month I didn't work out. I'm even more excited that I can bring the kids. 

* Ami & Mary are moving out of their classrooms into rooms next to me and we finally moved the last load on Wednesday! Yippee! So now, to help Ami organize her room, which will hopefully be more fun than actual moving. 

* During Operation Move-Two-Classrooms, the kids (Jaxon, the triplets & Brinley) played really well together.  Minus Reese. She isn't allowed at school yet. :)  Now that the 'big' kids are 4 & 5 it is so nice to let them play in a classroom while we are productive.

* Courtney and her husband, Matt, came over for dinner Friday night. It was a nice evening filled with baking, sparklers and drinks. One that will have to be repeated before school starts again.

* Reese has making progress in speech. While she isn't saying more words, she is 'talking' more during her speech sessions. She even said a new sound yesterday, /ga/. Her therapists seem very happy with her progress, albeit slow, at least for me. The first part of her session includes the therapist showing Reese 5-7 picture cards. Each card has a little sentence and Reese is supposed to fill in the missing word. This week she named 3 people in 3 pictures... 'Lala', 'Baba', and 'Dada'.  She has yet to name 'Mama' in a picture, but whatever.

* I also got a girls night out with some new friends. Yay for me! I have not been out out without the kids in what seems like forever. I think the last time I went out was with Brian when we had our mini-getaway in March. And a girls night? Who even knows?!
We went to a cool art bar called Creative Juice. It was so fun! It is something I definitely want to do again! 

The final masterpiece :)
"A Tucson Starry Night"

* We ended the weekend with an afternoon swim. Holy moly am I proud of my kiddos! Jax decided floaties would be ok to wear and he was a 'swimming' fool! It's only 2 weeks into summer and he has made some huge swimming gains. Although, he says he will stay in floaties until he's 7, then he'll be brave enough to swim alone. 

Don't worry after 2 times going down with her head going back, we I held her hands until she hit the water. She could not get out of the water fast enough and back up the slide. The child is amazing! 


Not a one! :)


Courtney said...

I love a week with no Crappies!!! I also love a week where I get to see you twice :)

Michelle Thomas said...

Sounds like an awesome week!!