Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What? No Wings?

Brian has been spending a lot of time in Albuquerque for work lately and we haven't had a chance to see much of him. The first week of summer vacation Brian decided to have the 3 of us join him in the Duke City so we could spend some family time together, when he wasn't working. 

This trip meant flying. With the kids. By myself. No big deal if it were just Jaxon, but Reese was involved. And we all know Reese isn't exactly as well behaved as Jaxon is. Needless to say I was a bit nervous.  By nerves led to being ultra prepared.

Jaxon was SUPER excited!! He couldn't wait to be on a plane and he couldn't wait to see his ABQ friends. All of this went in my favor. He was so helpful and cooperative. He made me so proud. 
People in the Tucson airport were also amazing. At least 5 people offered to help me. I guess having two cute kids helps and that Reese can be pretty charming. :)
If looks could kill...

My big, responsible boy. 

Waiting to take off.

And we're off. The pacifier was a life saver.

Enjoying some peanuts

Snacks & an iPad, life doesn't get better for Jaxon

She just made herself at home

As the flight came to an end, she started to get antsy

Overall, I was quite impressed with Reesey's behavior. Any longer than an hour flight and I would have had to start drinking. :)  There was no screaming which was priceless!

Since they were both so well behaved I thought for sure one of the flight attendants would give them wings, but alas they didn't. I was bummed. Reese definitely earned them. Maybe on the trip home?

We went from the airport directly to the pool for some Memorial Day fun & to meet up with some friends, of which, I took no pictures.

We stayed in our old house and I was a little apprehensive about staying in a practically vacant house, I mean, it would be kind of like camping, except for the running water and electricity thing, but it was surprisingly fun and relaxing. It almost makes me want to go camping. Yeah. No. Scratch that.

On our first day we went to the aquarium after Brian had to some work. 

There's a bunny living in the backyard.
Not sure he'll be back after Reese scared him away.

Chasing the bunny

We were amazed at how much this tree had grown.
I have a picture somewhere of Jax as a baby & me in front
of the same tree. Except everyone was much smaller.
Day two took us to the zoo. We love that zoo. It is so great. We even saw exhibits we had never seen in all the times we went while living there. 

She was sooo excited about each animal!

My favorite part. The baby orangutan named 'Reese'

Do you see what is happening here?
She's trying to get out to swim with the ducks.

Two exhausted kids mean Brian & I had a quiet lunch in the car.
The trip home was a little more eventful than the entire week. Our stroller tested positive for a chemical found in bombs. Super. So I had to have a full body search. While holding Reese since she freaked out every time I'd try to set her down. It was quite the experience and not one I'd like to repeat, especially not having to answer Jaxon's questions afterward about why the lady touched me  all over my body and what was she looking for? And why did he have to sit in a chair.... Ugh. 

I love how he chooses to read Nat Geo magazine.
Reese wasn't feeling herself so I enjoyed an hour of cuddles

She DOES have sweet moments!

She's getting into the selfie thing. 
Oh. And no wings on this flight either. What the heck?! Two quiet, peaceful well-behaved kids and I have nothing to show for it. What a bummer.

That pretty much concludes our mini-vacay to ABQ. We had a really nice time and are looking forward to our next trip out there. Maybe for Balloon Fiesta? 


Courtney said...

I love all the pictures from your trip!! It seems like you had lots of fun filled days. PS: I cannot believe they didn't get wings? What the heck man!

The Whiteds said...

Wish we could have seen you for at least a few hours when you were in town. Our kids are so similar and I'd love to see our babies interact! Yes, the airlines are cheap and no longer give wings. Sometimes you have to ask. :( Glad you sold your house! Hoping ours closes soon!

Michelle Thomas said...

They don't give out wings anymore!! I flew to MA with three little peas and no wings :(