Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Memories {#2}

I'm joining the link up party again! I'm digging this Monday Memories party. All week I've been thinking about which memory I should blog about today, or if I'm making a new memories for my kiddies.

I'm blending a new memory and a childhood memory today.

For the past 5 months, Jaxon has been playing tee-ball weekly. We've been going to games and practices what seems like non-stop. As much as I sometimes dread having to leave my house at 5:00pm and head back 'into town' then spend the next hour chasing after Reese, I love that Jax belongs to a team, is learning to work with others, follow directions, etc etc. He genuinely loves it! He doesn't also show it and he may be the slowest runner or the first one to be ready to be done with the game, but he always looks forward to baseball days.

Brian helps with the team as long as he's in town and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Brian has a great time with the kids and is surprisingly patient with each one. It makes my heart happy when I see him cheer on the kids as they round the bases or catch the ball and throw it to first.

My parents come to as many games as they can and have enjoyed watching Jax grow into a better ball player. Reese is one of Jaxon's biggest fans. She cheers him on when he's in the outfield or up to bat. Well, maybe she's really cheering for Brian since she is a hard core Daddy's girl. No joke.

I know we will spend many years at the ball park with Jaxon. And I look forward to them.

With all of this said... it has been said before that Reese is a handful. That's putting it mildly. The girl does not sit still, does not listen, laughs when you tell her 'no' and has no regard for rules.

Where does Reese get her wildness from? One person. My little brother. Oh dear. Was he awful! According to my parents, Reese is worse. Aye aye aye.

Well, one very clear memory I have of Jose is when we lived in Puerto Rico. He had to have been around Reesey's age. My grandfather would take us to the park on the weekends and Jose would RUN. I mean RUN like a WILD person. My grandfather was worried that he would run and never come back so he would chase after him. For what seemed like hours.

This week, my dad came to Jaxon's game. Do you think he watched any of it? Nope. He was chasing after Reese. Who was running like a wild person. Like uncle like niece. Sigh.

Voila! Two memories in one.


Courtney said...

Reese keeps us all on our toes!! I loved this post.

Nicole Mikkelson said...

Yay! I love that you are loving the Monday memories:) I think I will do one of all of us soon!! I think it's so awesome that Jaxon is on a team- I have yet to embark on that parenting adventure. And Reese may be a handful but damn if she isn't the cutest!