Friday, May 17, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up


* We have a contract on our house in New Mexico!!! Someone FINALLY wants to buy it! So flippin' excited! 

* Reese is a "Mama" sayin' fool! I can't get enough. She is also saying "Lala" frequently. We FaceTimed with my parents on Monday (they are in Spain... jealous) and after we hung up, she took my phone, pressed the home button, pointed to the screen and said, "Lala. Lala. Lala." So cute! She is also saying "awha" as in "aqua". Yes, people. My daughter is apparently bilingual. My friend Maggie said that's why she hasn't talked yet... Spanish is her true language! 

* Jaxon had his final art show as a preschooler. Each year his preschool has an art show displaying the children's art. It is a truly special event. I especially loved it this year because Jaxon has really been into drawing and seeing his beautiful art board made me want to burst with pride and shed tears of joy, but alas, he wanted ice cream and Reesey wanted out of the stroller, so my moment was short and sweet. 

Jaxon's drawing of himself.
The big fat boy in the middle, with a hat. He was so
proud of that detail!

The water color pieces are dragons.
An elaborate nest in the top left. 
The red animal at the top is an orca with spots.
Not sure about the blue animals underneath the orca.
The picture on the top right is "a rainstorm in California." The red is cactus, the black at the top is the rain clouds with rain coming down. and a person on the bottom right.
Jaxon's quote, "I just make inventions in the art studio. Make it with other stuff, extra stuff, like the left over stuff that's in the left over basket. I just made an invention yesterday."

*Our staff celebrated a wonderful lady who have many many many years is retiring. Molly has been with Cottonwood since we opened and it certainly won't be the same without her, but we had a fun time at her retirement party Thursday. I whole heartedly love our staff & school culture and Thursday was a great reminder of why.

* The kids had their well checks Monday. Jaxon for his 5 year check up. EEEEEK!!!! When did THAT happen! Reese has her 18 month. Ugh. So sad they are growing. Dr. Goldberg was very impressed with how healthy they both are. Unbelievably, Reese is in the 78th percentile for weight and 70th for height! IS this the same kid who weighed 3 lbs at birth? Jax has slowed down. He's in the 40th for weight and 51st for height. He was always in the 90s for height. I hope this doesn't mean he's going to take after his mom's side of the family. 

The the doctor we met Brian at Olive Garden for lunch.

* Mother's day. It was a perfect day. I slept in until 7:45!!! And Reese slept until 8:30! Holy guacamole! I had a massage and spent a lazy at home with Brian and the kids. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

My Mother's Day gifts from the kids.
LOVE! Best presents EVER!

* Baseball is over! Yay! that's 2 extra nights I have at home with a normal routine.

* Brian was gone. We hate when he travels. He needs to find a different job.

* My parents are in Spain. Happy for them. Crappy for me. My backups are gone. And Jaxon is constantly asking me what time it is in Spain. Can we talk to Lola & Abu? What are they doing? How far is Spain? How long would it take to drive there? Well, if you could drive there how many hours would it take? Can we water their plants? 

* My regular thyroid medication was recalled so I'm on a new one. I'm not a fan. I just don't feel like myself. 

* The school year is at an end. So sad. I've had a great year with this class. I love each and every one of those kids and I really don't want them to go. They could be one of my favorite classes, as a whole. I have loads of favorite individual kids. 

Overall a good week.

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