Monday, May 6, 2013

Making Memories {1}

My very good friend Nicole has started a link up party called Making Memories and I'm jumping on the bandwagon! 

This is Jaxon's birthday week so what a better way to make memories than to have a party! Oh how I love birthdays! I want my kids to have the most special day on their birthday and sometimes it turns into  a week event. Why not? 

The first celebration of my soon-to-be 5 year old was the all important birthday party. You know, the party that he begins planning the day after his last birthday? Yeah. That one. We had the party at a newish place in town called Fire Truck Adventures. It is a super cool party for a little boy... Real firefighter, real fire pole, real turnouts, real fire hoses and wait for it.... a real fire truck!! 

Jumping with Firefighter Andy

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Learning about fire safety

1st Group to be firefighters

Fire Chief Jaxon

Watching the fire truck make its exit with her big brother

"Baba" Bye bye!

Having a blast on the fire truck

Putting out the fire

Group 2

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The Fire Crew

My favorite part

Oh that smile. Warms my heart

Jaxon receiving his badge

My sweet family.
Yes, we are color matching. On purpose. :) 

Opening presents at home

We made some wonderful memories this weekend. How about you?


Michelle Thomas said...

So fun!!! I love Reese's head stuck through the firefighters body lol! And I am SO glad she's starting to talk some now! Remember she's her own woman, she'll do it all in due time :)

Ami said...

Looks like they had a great time!! Still cannot believe he's 5!!

Courtney said...

I cannot believe that sweet little boy is five!! Cannot believe it!!! PS: my favorite part of this post is that you're all wearing color coordinating clothes. I do that too with Matt and I. If we are going to an event where lots of pics will be taken, you better believe there's some matching going on. Add it to the list ;)

Nicole Mikkelson said...

Looks like a blast!! Thanks for linking up :) Can you believe we have 5 year olds??