Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick Funny Jax Story

Today, I was the phone with Grammy Sue and I'm telling her that Brian is in ABQ playing in a golf tournament with a friend. When I get off the phone Jaxon asks me, in all seriousness, "Mama, can we watch Daddy on TV?" Huh? Watch him on TV? No, we can't. What do you mean? Well, we watch Tiger Woods playing tournaments on TV. Can I watch Daddy?"  LOL!!!! I was cracking up!

Then I explain that Tiger Woods is a professional golfer and Daddy is, clearly, not. So he asks how you can become a professional golfer. Hmmm. Good question. Who knows? I do know there is something called Q-School. So I tell him that you have to go to Q-school to become a professional golfer.

He then asks if you have to go to Q-School to become a professional baseball player. Hmmm. Another good questions. Nope, no Q-School, but if you're good enough you should play in college and then a professional team might ask you to join them. "And then they turn their chair around?"  "Huh? Turn their chair around? What are you talking about?" You know, like on The Voice. Do they press their button and turn their chair around if you're really good?"  LOL Again!!!


At Toys 'R Us, we are in the bathroom. Jaxon uses it first while I change Reesey's diaper, then he washes his hands while I go. While in the stall I hear him say, "Hey it's edible."  Never do I want to her THOSE words in a public restroom! When I start to wash my hands he says, "The sink is edible." The facet was AUTOMATIC!!! OMG! I'm dying! So funny. 


Walking back to the toy section from the bathrooms, we pass by the baby clothes. Jaxon looks at something cute and says, "Reesey should have that alphabet. It's cute." Haha! OUTFIT, not alphabet. 

He was on a roll today! 

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Courtney said...

I am dying over here. Not sure I can pick a favorite. My heart skipped a beat when I read "it's edible" knowing you were in a public bathroom ;) Love that boy.