Monday, March 4, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray!

For several months now I have been concerned about Reese's language acquisition. She has no words yet. Everyone, including Brian, says, "She's a preemie. She didn't hear clearly for months." Blah blah blah. Either way, I'm worried. She doesn't know any body parts or basic vocabulary like ball, book, cup. I mean she doesn't even know "mama" or "dada".

 But tonight she learned a body part! I am THRILLED! It's not your typical body part like hand, nose eyes. It is much more Reese appropriate.

It was purely by accident. I was holding her while on the phone with my mom when I happened to say this word in conversation. The moment I said it, Reese showed me the part. Thinking it was a fluke, I asked her again and again she showed it to me! HOORAY!

On our girls day out.
Please notice her sparkly shoes. :)

Hangin' in the shower.

Remember that broken stroller? Here it is.
The handle is dandling behind the seat.

She is clearly in charge around here

Dancing on tables already


Danielle Geck said...

Love the dancing on tables!! She is meant for Griffin! hehehe

Courtney said...

Could she be any more adorable sticking out her tongue!?! I am proud of her :)

Michelle Thomas said...

adorable!! Remember, she is her own women, she will do what she wants, when she wants ;)

Sarah said...

oh my gosh! i love the sparkly shoes and the little hair barrette! :) so cute!