Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happies and Crappies

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* The days are warming up! Today I wore flip flops and a sleeveless shirt. Yahoo! This girl is happy.

* Reese's skin has improved dramatically. I'm so excited.

* Several teachers in our district started a phonics training this week. It is going to change the way we teach, but I am really excited to learn something new and see my kinders grow into fluent readers.

* Maggie, my parapro extraordinare, surprised me with a bottle of wine on Thursday to cheer me up after a crazy day on Tuesday and Wednesday. She knows how to put a smile on my face!

* Reesey and I had a day of Movin' & Shakin', shopping and lunching on Saturday. I sure do love that little girl.

* I bought a crap ton of summery clothes for the kiddos. Super fun!


* Kinder Roundup was this week. A certain brown-eyed boy attended with his daddy. His mama may or may not have gotten chocked up in front of 72 families when she introduced herself as a teacher and Mommy of a soon-to-be-kindergartner. Sigh. I CANNOT believe he is almost 5!

* Reese had her 15 month check up. Oh it was not good. Poor baby's asthma is out of control AND she was getting another ear infection! Are you kidding me?! So I left there with strict instructions: breathing treatment every 4 hours, ear drops twice a day for 5 days, oral steroid twice a day for 5 days, inhaler twice a day every day until April and a prescribed ointment for her dry cheeks and chin.

* Two days of sub plans.

* I had a brown spot burned off my nose and a 'suspicious' mole removed from my back this week. Can we say OW! To top it off, during Movers and Shakers Reese head butted me right on the nose, now it stings from the burn AND is bruised from the Peaser.

* My stroller broke. The handle snapped off while I was trying to prop it up onto the curve. I had to push it across the mall parking lot without a handle. Classy.

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Sarah said...

poor little reese! hopefully she gets better soon! and just curious, when you broke your stroller, were you propping it up on the curve or the CURB? :)