Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February Photo Dump

February? you say, aren't we in March - mid-March at that? Yeah yeah yeah, I know, but February is THE busiest month known to man in our school district and it's the shortest month, how does that even happen??! We have parent teacher conferences, progress reports, Vail Pride Day, QU wedding, Valentine's Day, Rodeo Break (which the best thing about February), Kinder Round Up and a formal teacher observation. Whew! I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two.

With all of that craziness I didn't get a chance to post some pics of the kiddies that I found pretty cute, well I find them all cute. Especially Reesey. She has become quite the character these days! Now, please forgive me if I repost some, I can't actually remember what has been posted and what hasn't.

Reese loves the time out chair! She loves to grab a book and sit in the chair to 'read'. 

Jaxon's Valentines

Baby in a Box

 Reese loves to wake up early to help me get ready

 Mother of Year. I watched as Reese fell head first into the edge of Jaxon's bed. Ouch.


Even Reese is getting in on the action

Kinder Round Up with Comet the Coyote

Reese found a treasure in the recycle bin

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Courtney said...

I love Jaxon's selfies!!! That second one is almost too much to handle. Almost ;)