Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Fun

I love being a teacher. I love spending my days teaching 5 and 6 years old. I honestly think it is the best job in the world. Kids adore you, tell you how much they love you everyday AND you teach them to read, write, add, tell time...  
But the best reason to be a teacher is Spring Break. And Fall break, Christmas break, Summer break, Thanksgiving break and all Holidays off. 

I mean really? How isn't that the best job EVER! 

We are in the middle of Spring Break and we started with a little getaway. Just Brian and me. Nothing terribly exciting, just up the road to Scottsdale to sit by the pool, have quiet, uninterrupted dinners and visit IKEA. 

Brian bought a counter top for a house he is remodeling.
The counter was a long as the car.
We drove with a nice barrier between us.
 Reese and Jaxon enjoyed 2 days at Lola's and Abu's  house. They did some relaxing of their own.

I am seriously in love with this face!


Once we came back it was time for the kids. 
So off we went to tee-ball
Jaxon's new Spring league is the Giants.

This one may be cute, but she's trouble on the baseball field!

Since Movers & Shakers is over, I've been thinking of signing Reesey up for a Mommy & Me gymnastics class. I thought I'd see how she liked the gym I was thinking of by taking her to an open gym time.

She so wanted to dive right in!

Not exactly sure what is going on with the uni-bomer hood,
but he's adorable. 


We also have done our fair share of shopping & lunching.

This is just a fraction of what Reese has gotten this break!

Excuse me? But when did my  babies become big kids?
They both have grown so much! Sniff sniff

We made a pit stop at the 'little library' as Jaxon likes to call it. And he's right, it's little. Dude calls it like he sees it.
This was Reese's first time in a library, with good reason...

Jax and Lucy have tried swimming. He actually got into the (unheated) hot tub and promptly jumped out! 


Reesey loves to shower with me. She will sit or stand outside the shower and 'chat' with me. It's good girl time, even if it is kinda creepy.

And what is a break from school if we don't visit the zoo? This week we had the pleasure of being joined by Ms. Courtney. 

I believe Reese was eating the carrots meant for the giraffe,
you just can't see it.

Yes, that would be the giraffe's tongue around Reese's hand! 

We also helped the triplets celebrate their 4th birthday by going bowling. 
It was surprisingly fun! The best part was how excited the kids were to watch the ball being returned instead of actually watching the pins fall! 

This picture cracks me up! 

I was shocked at how high their scores were!
Especially when the ball didn't go faster than 2 MPH



And of course there was a lot of playing at home
Reese is wearing earrings that I wore as a child

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