Friday, March 15, 2013

Happies and Crappies

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* Jaxon started his new little league this week. He really likes it! He has raved about his new coach everyday. I really like it too. It's organized, structured and I know 4 of the families on the team! Yay for friends to talk to during practice.

* My friend Maggie volunteered to watch Reese one day during Jaxon's practice this week. I know Reese had a wonderful time. She was so happy, even though it was her 'witching' hour.

* Spring Break started at 2:00 pm today! Yahoooooo! No alarm clock, no snacks or lunches to pack, no rushing out the door before 7:00 am for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Love my job. Where else does this happen? Being a teacher is the best!

* I realized, again, how amazing Jaxon's teachers are. They take such good care of him and do everything they can to make him feel loved.

* My mom, unexpectedly, came over for dinner last night and gave the kids baths. Love that! Especially when Brian is gone.

* My friend, Mary, had a gender reveal 'party' at the park this week. It was super fun! She didn't know what she was having until the balloons came flying out of the box. I would so want to have another baby just for the gender reveal! Yeah right!
  Boy, I wish she had a blog. If she did you'd be able to see the adorable video and wonderful pictures of a dozen balloons floating in the air and all of her friends and family squealing in delight, but she doesn't, you're totally denied. :) I'm not giving up Mary! 


* We missed Jaxon's tee-ball game on Saturday. We thought it was at 9:30, but it was really at 8:30. Talk about feeling like sh#@!

* Brian left before the sun rose on Sunday and will be home waaaay after the sun sets on Friday. Ugh!

* I was the only person that remembered there was a tee-ball game on Monday (well, beside the opposing team. All 10 players of their team showed up). No one from our team showed up. The most annoying part was that the coach didn't even seemed fazed when I called him. It was like, "Oh. Well, I can't make it." Seriously?!?! No, "Oh my! I'm so sorry! I can't believe I didn't know." Crickets.

* Tee-Ball practice everyday this week. By myself. At dinner time. We got home after 7:00pm each night this week. Did I tell you that Reese's bedtime is 6:30pm? Good times.

* The cough is back. Poor Reese. Why can't she be healthy for more than a week? We have been Albuterol free for only 2 weeks. Back to breathing treatments every 4 hours. Not sure why the preventative medicine isn't working. Oh, and she may have another ear infection. Her fingers were in her ears this evening. Sigh.

* Jax had a pretty terrible nightmare last night. I mean the wake up crying, come looking for Mama, won't go back to his room, affects his entire day kinda nightmare. So, while he slept soundly next me, while holding my hand, I was wide awake because Dude snores like a banshee! The nightmare shook him up so badly he didn't want me to leave him at school. Thankfully we have Ms. Courtney who helped him make a Dream Catcher. I don't think he would have slept tonight had it not been for her.

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