Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

Surprisingly I was all ready for Christmas this year! I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of this holiday with two kids business. Well, maybe I wasn't fully prepared, we did miss going to see the lights at Winterhaven and we only baked 1 batch of cookies, but you can't win 'em all! 
This year we spent Christmas Eve at our family friends house, the Lopez'. We got all dressed up and spent a few hours enjoying the company of long-time friends. Like 30+ year friends. 
But did I get any pictures of these events? Nah. Just a few of the kids before we left the house.
It's always all about Reesey's outfit and this one did not disappoint. Thanks to Lola she was the cutest thing on the planet. All I supplied was the headband and tights. Tights! Love a girl in tights. 
Each kid had their own idea of where they should be for the picture. Reese insisted on standing. Jaxon insisted on sitting. At least they were close enough to get in the same picture.

Ta Da! I'm the cutest thing EVER!

This makes my uterus hurt. I'd have a million more of them
if they were always this angelic. 

Umm. Red shoes? Yes. Please.
Thanks Vida! 

Everyone is looking!
Sorry to be so vain, but I do have a pretty good looking little family

Like any cute party girl, she lost her shoes half way through the night.
She was walking like no other so the shoes had to go! 

She'd walk from Lola to me and back.

We came home and did the traditional Christmas Eve...
Open 1 gift, leave cookies for Santa and food for the reindeer

Jaxon chose to open the present from Evelia.

Animals! "the best Christmas EVER!"

8 carrots for 8 reindeer

Gingerbread cookies for Santa

Yay for Santa coming!


Ami said...

OMG, that dress really IS to die for! I love her expressions in so many of these photos! But my favorite part is the EIGHT Carrots!! Hilarious!!

Sarah said...

too flippin' cute! all of it :)

Nicole said...

Very, very cute dress and yes, your family is gorgeous!