Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Christmases in 1 Day

Christmas Day was busy, busy, busy. 
We started bright and early at 6:45 am.
Just before this picture was taken I said to Jaxon, "Wait. I want to take your picture as you see the tree for the first time." He replies with, "Mama. I've already been up and seen it. I know I was on the nice list."

 As Jaxon rushed to the tree, Reesey sat peacefully on my lap drinking from her bottle. 

Reese is still enjoying that bottle... Jaxon was at least 3 presents in.

This was all Jaxon wanted. He had been eyeing this set in a catalog for months. He was so happy!

She put her bottle down long enough to check out my new slippers.

Back to the bottle

Maybe she'll open a present...


Let's try again.

Still not feeling it.

Even Lucy was more interested in the presents. She was on the naughty list though.

Lucy is still looking for something


This present she was totally into

What is it?

A doll! Just what Jaxon wanted for her

It's amazing how drawn she was to this doll. She is such a girl!

After a bit, we were off to Lola & Abu's for more presents and breakfast

Then to Grammy Sue's house for more presents and lunch

Jaxon played 'Santa' and handed out the presents to everyone. He was so cute, "this one starts with a K. Is it for Kory? This one says J-a-x-o-n. Oh, that's me!"

Christmas just keeps getting better and better. The kids, ok Jaxon, is at a perfect age for Christmas. He was really into Santa, Ned the Elf, baking cookies, everything. His excitement on Christmas morning was contagious. Santa really hit it out of the park this year!

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