Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Visitor

We have a new member to our family. Well, a temporary one anyway. We are taking care of the preschool pet, Rocco the Rockstar Rabbit. Rocco belongs to Ms. Courtney and she asked me to take care of him while she went home for Christmas. How can I say no to our favorite teacher? Plus it would be super fun to have a sixth 'person' in our house.

He's so stinkin' cute!

Jaxon has been so very responsible for Rocco. Every morning he reminds me to feed him, check his water, give him hay and change his litter box. In the afternoon we give him a carrot. In the evening we turn on the light so he won't get scared. Jaxon even requested we put him in the guest room with the door closed so that he is safe from Lucy and Reese. In his words, "Lucy may eat him and Reese might bite him." He's not too far off actually.

He knows his sister well. She's trying to get into his cage.

Rocco can come out, but only if we make a 'big circle'. That must be how they do it in preschool. It's kinda hard to make a big circle with 3 people, well 2, since one of those two won't exactly sit still. 

Here I'm holding Rocco to allow Reese to pet him.

She was doing well until she found his paw and pulled it.
That didn't end well for me. Thumper has claws! 
From them on, Rocco only comes out when Reese is napping.... per Jaxon's orders.

 Jaxon is so cute with him. I have found him in Rocco's room playing with his toys just to keep Rocco company. 

Reese loves Rocco. She would spend all day standing by his cage. She particularly likes to bang on the top. Poor Rocco. I figure he spends most of his time with dozens of 3, 4, and 5 year olds so a few minutes of Reese hitting his cage can't be so bad for him right?
Don't worry, Ms. Courtney, we don't let her bang more than once or twice. 

Rocco's visit hasn't been without a little adventure. Christmas Eve morning, before I went to the gym, I stopped in his room to say goodbye to Jaxon. Jax wasn't in there and neither was Rocco. Holy crap Rocco escaped! He can be a 'free range' rabbit, but I'm not comfortable with a rabbit roaming around our house. Rabbits poop. A lot. 

Brian found him hiding under the treadmill. Whew! We figured, Brian will lift the treadmill and I'll scoop Rocco up and deliver him back to his home. Wrong. Rocco liked his new freedom and wasn't going down without a fight. Dude is fast. We chased him around the room for like 10 minutes. Me laughing to the point I almost peed my pants, Brian cursing, and Jaxon jumping on the bed giving non-helpful advice. It was pretty hysterical. Courtney, does that remind you of anything? :) 

Once I pulled myself together, we were able to lure Rocco in the right direction and he happily hopped back into his cage. I do think he was pretty pleased with himself.

Just so you know, Rocco isn't Houdini. I forgot to close the door to his cage. Ooops. He does have a little fence in front of it, but he was able to find a little opening. He's a smart bunny that Rocco Rockstar. 


Ami said...

OMG, that was such a funny post!! I'm totally laughing out loud! (At so MANY different parts!) Regardless, it sure looks to me like you all are going to be getting a pet rabbit before too long....

Courtney said...

Thank you for taking such good care of Rocco the Rockstar. I was cracking up as I read this blog post. And had deja vu of chasing another animal around with you. I love that Jaxon hopped on the bed to help out with things. Thank you again :)