Thursday, November 22, 2012


From the moment I woke up this morning all I could think about was last Thanksgiving and how torn & sad I felt. Reesey was a mere days old and still in the hospital, for how long we didn't know. I felt so sad to have her spend her first holiday without her family. Well, not entirely without her family. I did make the trek first thing in the morning and later that evening with Brian. My parents also visited her late in the night.

This year so much different and the way each Thanksgiving should be. The four of us were home and under one roof.

 We still had a very simple and small Thanksgiving dinner, just Grammy Sue & Lola. Abu was flying hundreds of people to their families today. Reese enjoyed a tiny bit of turkey. Ok, enjoyed is being generous. She was not fan. She did love herself some mashed potatoes and yams though. Hey, you can't win them all! Jaxon ate her turkey. Between the 2 of them they ate a complete meal. He's a meat and corn sort of guy. Although, he was pretty proud that he tried the mashed potatoes and ate 2 bites. 

The highlight of the meal for me was when Grammy Sue said Jaxon should say grace. A couple of years ago Jaxon did say grace on Thanksgiving. This year he says, "Yeah! I can say grace.  Grace." No joke he said, "Grace". and that was that. 

Unfortunately I got no pictures to capture Reesey's first 'official' Thanksgiving, but that's ok. The sight of her falling asleep in her high chair with a bottle while we ate is a memory I will have forever. (Probably not since I have the worst memory known to man, but maybe I'll recreate it tomorrow night when we have leftovers :)  ) 

That's all. Right now a hot tub & tall glass of wine await me. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Ami said...

I knew I loved Jaxon! I love his rendition of Grace! And I remember how torn you felt on Thanksgiving last year! So glad you had all your turkeys under one roof this year!