Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Brave Boy

At around 9:00 am yesterday morning I spied the preschool class pass by my window with clipboards and markers in hand. They apparently were headed to the chicken coop to observe the chickens. It makes me smile to see my boy walk past my window, holding hands with his partner and a big smile on his face. Little did I know that about 45 minutes later I would be outside with my class when the preschoolers walked back. Ms. Debbie was first in line and told me that Jaxon had a some exciting news for me. The entire class stops and he is absolutely BEAMING! He CAUGHT a chicken!! Yep. Ms. Courtney had the pictures to prove it.

Later that afternoon I get a raving email from Ms. Courtney about the chicken catching experience.

"Jaxon constantly amazes me with his drive and determination.  When we started talking about going down to the chicken coop to do some sketching Jaxon said, "I am going to catch a chicken.  I know I can." And after doing his sketch he was ready to try.  He went into the coop and began corralling the chickens together, he said, "I am doing what you do, making them all be together.  It will be easier for me to catch one."  As soon as one of the chickens hopped up onto the branch Jaxon was FEARLESS! He went right after the chicken and scooped him up.  The chicken tried to fly away and I could tell Jaxon got nervous, I reassured him by saying, "Put your hands on her wings and give her a squeezing hug so she can't fly away."  He was so proud of himself as he figured out the right way to hold the chicken so she wouldn't flap her wings.  He said, "I hope you took a picture because my mom has GOT to see this!" I couldn't help but crack a smile as I saw his beaming pride.

Enjoy the pictures"

Corralling the chickens like he said he would

Scooping the chicken

Giving her a squeezing hug
Jaxon is definitely braver than I. I believe I would have squealed and run away at a chicken flapping her wings at me! 


Sarah said...

wow! good for him! that is too cute :)

Ami said...

Hooray for Jaxon!! This is such a cute story! Thank you Ms. Courtney for providing tonight's blog! Uncle Brian says next we're going to teach Jaxon to prepare that chicken for dinner!