Friday, November 23, 2012

1 Year

It's no news that Reese is 1 year old. 12 months seems to be a magical age for Reese. I've noticed a big difference in her this month. She's happier, more easy going, sleeps later, more lovable. I really feel I am enjoying my time with her even more than I did. I can even take her out in public and she's well behaved! 

Weight: 20 lbs. 9 oz. 42nd percentile
Height:  31 in 95th percentile
Head: 45 cm 69th percentile

Sleep: She is FINALLY on a schedule! She wakes up every morning between 6:00 am - 6:30 am (YES!), morning nap is between 8:00 - 8:30 then an afternoon nap around 1:00pm. I think he sleep is why she's happier. 

Food: She is a lover of it! She likes to feed herself and Lucy. 
She is still on formula, but only takes 3 oz bottles a day. Dr. Goldberg wants her solely on milk, but I have about 3 months worth of formula and there is no way on God's green Earth that I'm letting that go to waste. Plus I figure she's always been a couple months behind so why should milk be different?

Temperment: She's become such a happy and loving girl. She's feisty as all get out and doesn't take any crap from anyone! 

Likes: Standing up. Taking picture frames off shelves. Lucy's water bowl. Being outside. Jaxon's toys.

Favorite Person: Hands down, Brian. All he has to do is walk in the room and she cheers, claps, blows kisses. It's a little sickening. 

Dislikes: Being told no. Staying still.

Clothes Size: It pains me to say it, but she's in 12 months. Ugh! Double digits. 

Language: She doesn't have words for anything yet, but she talks a lot! 

Physical: She has started to stand on her own, without holding onto anything. I feel like she's close to taking her first steps and I cannot wait! I think walking will be so much easier for us. 
She loves to waves to people and blows kisses to her favorite peeps. 
Dr. Goldberg said that she's 'caught up' developmentally! Boy, was that music to my ears. 


Ami said...

All right, seriously? Her little outfit at Dr. Goldberg's? Dear God it's cute! And hooray for Reesey catching up! Everything on her time schedule....maybe there's a future for Ethan and Reese!

Danielle Geck said...

She is so cute! Her and G are gonna make a perfect match! Oh and if ya need someone to take the formula off your hands....I'm your girl!