Monday, November 12, 2012

Reese by the Numbers

Yesterday I did the ABCs of Jaxon. I was going to do the same for Reese, but decided that she is completely the opposite of Jaxon so I should do the opposite of ABCs. So I bring you Reese by the Numbers. In no particular order.

5  - the hour Reese wakes up. Every. Single Day. Ok, sometimes she varies... 5:15, 5:34, and 5:50 if we are really lucky, but usually it's always in that 5 o'clock hour. Ugh. And it doesn't matter when she goes to bed. We've tried early, late and 'right on time' it's always the same.

2 - naps a day.

24 - oz of formula she drinks a day.

9 - month clothes is the size she's wearing, but any day now she'll be in 12 month clothes

6:30 - PM is what we think is her 'just right' bedtime.

8 - weeks early is when she was born.

31 - days spent in the NICU.

10 - months is her adjusted age.

6  - teeth is what she has. 4 on top, 2 on bottom.

21 - pounds is how much she weighs.

50 - minutes is how long she will cry in her crib at night until she falls asleep again.

6 - days and she will be year old!!


Ami said...

Great minds think alike!! I was totally going to try a Numbers Post. Now you've given me just the right inspiration! I cannot believe Reesey is going to be ONE in 6 days!! That is crazy!!

Michelle Thomas said...

Cutie cute! I also can't believe she is almost one!! Crazy