Sunday, November 11, 2012

The ABCs of Jaxon

Here is Jaxon in a nutshell

A - Allergies and Asthma. Poor little guys suffers of both. He has 2 inhalers, nasal spray, Singulair, eye drops and heavy duty lotion to help him with both.

B - Best Big Brother. He loves his sister something fierce and is very protective of her.

C - Clever. He's a pretty good problem solver and has some really clever ideas about things.

D - Dramatic. 

E - Elephant. As in, he has a memory like an elephant. He remembers everything!

F - Friends. Jaxon has a plethora of friends at school. He is one popular boy.

G - Girls. Some of his best friends are girls.

H - Hand Eye Coordination. According to Brian Jax has great eye-hand coordination. Dude can hit a baseball like a professional. And I don't mean with a tee. He only wants Brian to 'pinch' to him.

I - Impatient. Oh Dear God is this child impatient! If he doesn't get what he wants 2 seconds before he asks for it WATCH OUT! Nothing happens fast enough for him.

J - Jumps. He wants to jump off everything... the car, the bathtub, curbs, the couch, on the bed.

K - Kind. Jaxon is such a kind-hearted boy. He truly cares for everyone and everything.

L - Loving. He loves to love. Many times a day he tells all of us how much he loves us.

M - Mama's Boy. Seriously. It's bad. He follows me everywhere, must do whatever I'm doing. He often tells me, "You're my favorite person."

N - Never eats breakfast. Ugh! This drives me insane! I love breakfast and he'd rather skip it. I've tried everything.

O - Ocean animals are his favorite. He loves all animals, but ocean animals are his current passion.

 P - Persistant, passionate. Jaxon will wear you out until you give him what he wants. He does not quit.

Q - Questions, questions and more questions. He asks over 400 a day. I swear.

R - Rules & Routines. He lives for them. Everything must be done a certain way, his way, each and every time. During bedtime, I must tell him my 2 favorite parts and 1 least favorite part of the day first. Heaven forbid he goes before me. Oh, and I MUST tickle his back. All of this after his ritual of bath, teeth brushing, lotion, Singulair, nasal spray, and 2 bedtime stories. Followed by hug and kiss, tucking him in, turning on his lamp, telling him what will we will do the next and saying, "Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the ziparumazous bite. God bless you."

S - Super Smart. This kid is highly intelligent. The things he knows amazes me.

T - Treats. He loves dessert. He usually only eats dinner as a means to an end... dessert. Anything from ice cream, 'smores, or a piece of candy.

U - USA. He can find half of the states on the map. No joke. We have a map on our cabinet so he can track where Brian travels to each week and he is pretty darn good at knowing where each state is.

V - Very demanding.

W - Writing.  He's become quite good at it. I was worried because he had no interest, but he now loves to write lists and signs.

X - eXtremely accurate. He knows how things go down and he doesn't miss one little detail.

Y - Yells. Sometimes I think he's hard of hearing. He doesn't seem to have an inside voice button.

Z - zzzzz. He's a GREAT sleeper! Once I tuck him in he stays put until after 6:00 am. (Sometimes before if he knows it's a school day)

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Michelle Thomas said...

Love it!!! My kids also live on routines! I guess that's what comes from being a teacher's kid :)