Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Brooks and Rebecca gave Jaxon a gift card for Build-a-Bear Workshop for his birthday. Yep. 6 months ago. I had every intention of going sometime during the summer. Then during Fall break. Well, neither one happened. This weekend I spontaneously decided to go on Veteran's Day. I packed up the Peaser and Jaxon and we headed 35 minutes down the road.

We had to first make a pit stop at the car ride thingies 

Choose a sound for "Happy Feet"

Waiting for fluff

So happy to be pressing the pedal

Waiting patiently. Not an easy task for Peesey

Creating the birth certificate. He had to type every letter. Yeah. 

Reesey got her own bear too. Jaxon named her "Snow Bear"

Isn't she sweet? Giving her new friend a kiss

Yay! All done!

Thanks Brooks and Rebecca! We had a terrific time building 2 new friends!

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Mary said...

Very impressed that you went solo! Good for you!