Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keep the Birthday Comin'!

Around here we like to take as many days to celebrate a birthday as possible. 
Monday was Reese's 'real birthday so I took the day off to spend with her and my grandmother & aunt. 
We started the morning by giving her the presents from us. She really only cared about one. Oh well.

Letting Jaxon help her open a present

Hmm. What's in here?

Yeah I'd rather ride my new truck

Let's go! I believe he was actually moving back and forth
to try to make the car go.

Isn't he the best brother? He pushed her around for a long time.

Leaving the scene of a crime.
See the fallen decorating on her high chair.

After presents I made her a birthday breakfast of french toast.

To celebrate her day the Rios clan loaded up and headed to the Botanical Garden to visit the Butterfly Exhibit. 

holding a chrysalis shell

Once back home Reese had one more present to open, from my parapro extraordinare... Maggie. 

I was not surprised the 'phone' was her favorite

Later that night she preferred the real deal purse. 
10 more days to go!!

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