Monday, November 19, 2012

It's NOT a Party!!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little girl!

For months I have said I was not going to have a birthday party for her. Just family and cake. As the day drew nearer, I went back and forth. Maybe I should invite a few kids. Have a 'real' party. But no, I stuck to my guns. It was going to be small and stress free and all about our little Peesey. 

As we're getting ready for the evening's non-party. Jaxon kept saying, "At the party, I'm going to..." Finally I told him, "There's no party. It's just Mama, Daddy, you, Abu, Lola, Grammy Sue, Abuela Chefa, Titi Wanda & Tia Kate. We're just having cake and dinner. Not a party." 
To which he responds, "Is there cake? Is there balloons? Is there presents? Then it's a party.
Sigh. He's right. 

But I still said, "It's NOT a Party!!" {We were on a BREAK!}
Then he gets upset when he realizes Ami isn't invited. "Will they come over tomorrow for her REAL birthday? But they HAVE to come sing happy birthday to Reesey." 

Sorry, Dude. It's not a party. 

Please enjoy the pictures from Reese's non-party. 

Gift from Grammy Sue.
The favorite one.

OMG was she happy! 

Ok. How adorable was her outfit??

Grammy Sue with the birthday girl

It really doesn't get any cuter

Abuela Chefa & Titi Wanda all the way from Puerto Rico to celebrate Reese

Tia Kate

Reese with her Great Grandma

Yay! A family picture!

Teaching better work out for me, because a cake decorator
I am not!

Angry we took her cake away. 

I ordered ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone a week ago. Expecting beautifully decorated cupcakes. Yeah. Not so much. I was non too pleased!

Really? I could have done better!

And this isn't light pink like I requested. 


The last year, month by month

Looking at these I realize her cheeks started to grow at around 3 months. 

I could not have been happier with this non-party. She was surrounded by the people that love her most. It was perfection!
Happy birthday to my favorite girl in the entire world!  You are loved more than you will ever know!


Ami said...

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that was a party. And now I'm in agreement with Jaxon. Why wasn't Ami invited??? :) Lol. Kidding. And yes, that outfit is about as adorable as they come. Fit for a party, in fact.... ha ha!! Happy Birthday Peesey!

Courtney said...

I cannot get over that cute birthday outfit!! She is so darn precious. Jaxon told me all about Ressey's day. He said, "We didn't have a party for her. But she had balloons and cake and presents. She bit right into her cake and loved it so much that she cried when she was done. It sounds like a party but it's not." I think you may have officially confused your son ;)

Michelle Thomas said...

Yes, that was the cutest outfit EVER! I want one that says 32 on it ;) happy birthday reesey!