Sunday, November 18, 2012

Absolutely Dreadful

November 18, 2011 was in my Top 5 list of Worst Days of My Life. If you saw my last post you are probably wondering how in the world I could say that. I had just gone into labor with Reese. Isn't that supposed to be a wonderful time? Well, not when your baby is coming 8 weeks early. 

The entire day was just awful. I was being given magnesium to prevent contractions & labor. And well that just has to be one of the worst medicines ever. I have never felt so terrible in my life. Nauseous, flaming hot, dizzy, blurry vision. Add that on top of the fact that I couldn't get out of bed... strict bed rest, I couldn't even sit up. Plus a PIC line in my arm. Oh and did I mention that the goal was to keep me this way for TWO WEEKS! It was pretty dreadful. Brian & I had quite the tug of war going on within ourselves. We wanted what was best for baby, stay in for at least 2 weeks, but we also wanted this nightmare of a feeling to be over. 

It was just awful. And with nurses and doctors in and out of my room constantly it was hard to process what was happening. I haven't even mentioned the struggle of being away from Jaxon. Poor kid, he goes down for a nap and when he wakes up his mom is in the hospital and has no idea when he'll see her again. Oh it was just awful.

But, tonight made up for all of that dreadfulness. Tonight we celebrated her birthday. 

I'll leave you with this little teaser...

Sorry, but it's NaBloPoMo and I need to stretch this puppy! 
12 days left!

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The Whiteds said...

I can't believe it has been a year already! Reese is just precious!I love seeing her grow and know that if we lived near you, she and Ellie would be best buds!