Saturday, November 3, 2012

Field Trip as a Mama!

Last year I sent Brian to go with Jaxon on his first ever field trip. This year, I promised I would go with him.

So, off to Apple Annie's we went last week. We had a great time! It is so fun to watch Jaxon with his friends. He is quite the social butterfly and has many friends at school. He seems to be a pretty popular guy at the preschool. It warms my heart.

We spent an hour and a half on the bus and these two little guys were so well behaved! I was shocked. I had just gone on a field trip with my kindergartners and had to tell the kids no less than 10 times on a half hour drive to sit down. These two? I think I only told them once. Nice!

Can I tell you how proud of me I was? I actually dressed myself and Jaxon appropriately for the cool, windy weather. Many people were not prepared. Go me!

Finally. The pumpkin patch!

After looking at what seemed like hundreds of pumpkins, we settled on a smallish one we could carry.

 Yes, we settled. Jaxon's pumpkin was quite lopsided, but hey, I had to carry two pumpkins. No way were were going for 2 perfectly round, big pumpkins.

Once we got back on the wagon, Jaxon ditched me for Ms. Courtney. Yeah. I'm chopped liver when Ms. Courtney is around. It's a good thing I like her.

After lunch the kids played in the corn box. I think we brought back enough corn kernels to begin our own corn maze.

Being the parent on a field trip was definitely better than being the teacher! No clipboards, money to handle, class lists, groups to manage. Yeah. I'll take being the parent any day. 

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Ami said...

Way to go! Love your preparedness! You are a ninja of efficiency and organization! I can't wait to be a parent on a field trip someday....that must be nice. :)