Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Election Prediction

Reese has recently learned how to shake her head no and for some reason we find it hilarious. Brian especially loves to ask her if Obama is is going to the win election and then watch her say 'no'. Usually he follows it up with "Will Romney win?" and she gives us her cheesy smile. Again, we laugh hysterically. Dorky I know.

I tried uploading the video directly to Blogger, but for some reason if it's longer than 30 seconds it won't upload. So, I tried YouTube. Hope it works. It's only 41 seconds, not terribly long, go check it out.

Jaxon listens to everything. He pays attention to all that we say and don't say. He remembers everything. He knows full well that there is an election coming up and who is running for president. He also knows that Brian isn't Obama's number 1 fan. He will often tell Brian, "I'm going to vote for Rock Obama." Just to fire him up. 
My brother is visiting from DC this week so we were at my parent's for dinner. My brother is an Obama supporter.
Out of the blue Jaxon says, "I'm voting for Mitt Romney." And smiles at Brian as if to say, "Yeah, Daddy, I got your back."

It was pretty hilarious. 

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Ami said...

Oh my God, that totally cracked me up! Seriously. I agree that it is hysterical. And I for one, can't wait to see what happens on Tuesday after such precise predictions!